Is He the Modern-day Atlas?

I know to many that tomorrow is considered as one of the most historic moments in the electoral history of America. I just wish it was solely based on the fact that, hopefully, we’ve elected an intelligent man to lead the nation. I hope his judgement is as clear and as level-headed as many of us give him credit for. Will he be as just as we believe him to be?

Why do we all believe these things? Certainly not because of his race. Not because we actually know him, as I’m sure less than a thousand people who voted for him actually ‘know’ him. He just seems to send out this aura of intelligence, confidence and calmness. He doesn’t appear to have a cruel thought in his head. He is a proven strategist-yet we don’t think he’d use that for his own benefit-but to better the world. I think many feel quite hopeful that those traits will give him the actual ability to make the necessary changes.

Then again-not all Americans feel this way. Almost half of the nation voted against him. 58,000,000 people didn’t vote for him. It wasn’t the landslide victory that many make it out to be, it was 53% of 125 million voters. This leads me to feel that not all Americans feel that things need to ‘change’-and that is a very scary thought.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen an incoming President look so calm in the lead up to Inauguration day. Considering all that is going on in the world: failing economy’s, increasing poverty levels leading to poorer health conditions, wars and political battles that are centuries old; I’m amazed anyone applied for the job. I just hope that Mr. Obama is all that many of us in the world believe he is.

I’ll be watching this Inauguration with what I’m sure many people have felt in all the previous Inaugurations: hope that America and the world will have a better future. I’m sure tomorrow that many will weep with joy and pride when the first black man is sworn into the most powerful office in the world. I just hope that in 8 years from tomorrow, the nation will be crying when an intelligent, just and honourable man steps proudly down from office. Not someone who just slinks out the back door.

Good luck to Mr. Obama and his family!

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One Response to Is He the Modern-day Atlas?

  1. Dawn says:

    I hope so to. There’s some mighty high expectations riding on our next president.

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