Arctic Blast

Kieran is a bit of a trip at times. He gets so much pleasure out of the smallest things in life-but you should see him when it comes to the holidays. He was so excited about Christmas that I thought he’d burst. We were listening to Christmas music and reading Christmas stories in the summer time. On Christmas day they open all the presents from Father Christmas, and a bit later they open all the ones from us and some from their relations.

Afterwards, while we are all playing and enjoying the new gifts, Kieran just stops in the middle of the living room, and looks straight at me and asks: When is Easter?

Argh! We’ve already read all their Easter books, talked about the meaning/reasons for Easter, watched home movies of former Easter mornings, and he has started planning the Easter decorations. He has to sleep with his Easter bunnies now, they have taken pride of place at night time. See-this is why I don’t tell them when things are going to happen-as they drive me to distraction way before they need to! I’m hoping to distract him with Valentines and St. Patricks Day-but not till a bit closer to the dates!

Then, he never fails to bring up something completely from left field. My cousin got married in June, and in the church Kieran thought the baby was going to arrive as soon as the ceremony was over. Poor child-he was so disappointed because he really thought that since they were married, the baby would come, then and there, in the church. I thought that he’d forgotten all about that until the other day. He’s sitting at the table and just looks up and asks if I know if Aunty Clare’s baby is ready. Ok-he does understand that it takes awhile-but I’m not explaining family planning just yet.

We were joking about what we thought would be a funny name to give to a baby. Kieran came up with Max-and I was like well-that’s actually a good name. I was surprised he knew it. Then he goes yeah, you know Max from the Kettle. ‘Max’, as in maximum level on the kettle, was one of the first words he ever read! (Ok-guess you had to be here to think that one was funny!)

What else have we been up to? Not too much the past couple of days. The kids have done some normals, played and Hazel did most of their thank you letters. We had fun looking for printable stationary for a border she liked. They each also did a Sketch Tuesday picture. The theme was ‘Something Old’. Kieran picked a cave, due to our trip to Kent’s Cavern, and Hazel picked an Ancient Tree.

Ancient Tree

Old Cave

In other news, we are experiencing an arctic blast at the moment. I haven’t been out too much lately-as it’s mighty cold out there! Have to say though-I’m enjoying the cold. It’s a nice change-especially has it has been very sunny around here the past couple of days. I’ll do anything for sunshine!

What I have found over the past few years of living here is that I have no ‘inner-sense’, for lack of a better word, of the actual temperature outside. Hearing everything in ‘Celsius’ rather than ‘Fahrenheit’ was confusing, like the metric system, but I’ve seemed to have lost the ability to judge the temperature anymore. Basically, 23°C/73°F feels awfully warm to me now, where as 8 years ago that would have been a chilly summer day in NJ

In New Jersey throughout the year we would have temperature readings, in Fahrenheit, from below 0°F to above 100°F. That equates roughly in Celsius to -17°C to above 37°C. But these wouldn’t be for an isolated day or two, we could have a whole summer month in the 90°F range. The average range here is from 5°C to 23°C, or 41°F to 73°. Now, that’s a moderate climate, compared to what I was used to. I’m not complaining-I rather like it and don’t really want the extremes. I just find it interesting how my body has adapted to the different temperature ranges, and that 8 years ago I wouldn’t have thought it was very cold in the winter at 32°F/0°C. We just need a bit more sunshine here! 😉

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6 Responses to Arctic Blast

  1. Hannah says:

    Kieran and I are similar with the looking forward thing! Dont forget pancake day and mothers day :o)

  2. Clare says:

    It’s still your old blog on the early years blogring! I keep coming round to it when I work my way round the ring LOL.

    I’ve just googled Sketch Tuesday – sounds interesting as Flopsy is getting more and more into drawing. Something of a revelation because up until now she’s not had any interest in drawing at all!

  3. Bridget says:

    It’s cold here too, unfortunately the dogs don’t seem to feel it and still want their walk! I walk round the roads freezing whilst they’re trotting along.
    Celsius or Fahrenheit, it’s COLD!!

  4. tammy says:

    After all these years I still don’t work in celsius either! I have to ask matthew to translate!! I don’t do metric either, why can’t everyone just stick to inches and pounds??

    Do you think max from the kettle is related to max headroom??

    • Elizabeth says:

      I can convert weights better than lenghts, but am getting there. But basically I just double everything, so not an exact measurement, but close enough! Hard with the kids though-I know I should probably stick to just one-but I do a bit of both. If I just stuck with metric with them I’m sure I’d learn it better!

      The ‘max’ is in maximum amount for the kettle–I thought he meant ‘Max’ as in Maximillian’!

      And yes Hannah-Pancake day has already been talked about. Hazel wanted me to make sure I had enough flour for it-last week! They won’t pester me for Mother’s Day-that’s Michael’s worry!

      Hi Clare-Kieran also started to show late interest in drawing/colouring as well. But he is enjoying it these days. They really enjoying seeing everyone elses sketch-so if the girls submit one I’m sure my two would leave a comment for them on email. Might encourage repeat submissions!

  5. Elaine says:

    I had to laugh about the Easter thing! Looking forward to the future or what!? Have to say we did notice a few Easter choccies lurking in the aisles at Tesco the other day – perhaps they too are looking forward just a little too early. Elaine

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