Happy 7th Birthday Hazel!


I don’t think I could sum up Hazel in a blog post. I don’t think simple words can describe her, not with any justice. She is such a loving, intelligent, thoughtful, caring, outdoorsy, beautiful, extremely confident, independent and talented little girl. Her wants and needs in life are very simple-her family, plenty of books and as much time outdoors as possible.

While deciding what to write, I went through some of the photos from the past few months. The one thing that struck me over and over-was just how happy and full of life she is in all of the outdoor photos. I also noticed how engrossed she is with all of her books. She is so full of life and energy, yet can be content to be mentally challenged for hours, either at a dance class, a music lesson or just by reading a good book. She has amazed all of her teachers with her progress, and generally leaps ahead of everyone in the class.







There are many facets to my little girl. She is older and wiser beyond her age. Yet she is as innocent as can be. She is an independent thinker, an analyzer. And yet she is someone who relishes any chance to just go and lie down on some grass and watch the clouds roll by.

I’ve enjoyed these past seven years more than I thought would ever have been possible. I know these days won’t stay still no matter how hard I try to hold back the hands of time, and yet I’m so curious to see what the future holds for my little girl.


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One Response to Happy 7th Birthday Hazel!

  1. tammy says:

    Happy Bday Hazel, hope you had a good day!

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