Stress Free Christmas Decorating

Friday started with a change to our usual routine-we had to go to recorder practice today at 9:30 am. Why I pick these early times I know not why. The kids played for her most of Jingle Bells-though she only showed them the one section. Kieran had figured out two notes on his own to play the rest of it. He did it based solely on their sound-and was spot on. Clever little guy! This resulted in over half the lesson being devoted to teaching them to do those two notes properly. I have no idea what they are-I’m lost these days-they are going to fast for me to keep up! The teacher says Kieran plays from the heart-which I knew he would do. He loves music. Hazel will always be technically very proficient-but I don’t think playing music will be a great love. Singing or dancing are probably where her heart leaps for joy.

We got home to have a quick lunch and gather up Hazel’s ballet things before heading off to a HE group. While the three of us were having lunch, Kieran looks at me very seriously and asks: “Mom, do you sometimes feel that this is a dream and we are still sleeping?” I mean really-for someone who has never heard about the concept of ‘reality’, he comes up with some winners. He is so my boy!

Hazel joined the book reading group there and they were going to discuss the book. I wasn’t too sure what/how they would do that-so I read the book on Thursday and went over it with Hazel. We covered the stealing of America from the Native Indians, the Great Lakes, Canada’s French connections, some Indian knowledge I had, smallpox, spreading of disease, immunity systems, tanning animals and death. The discussion went along the lines of who liked the book! Oh well-it gave us many topics to cover and she enjoyed it. I don’t think they picked a new book yet. I’m going to see if she’ll write a review on it for the EO newsletter.

After that we headed to ballet-as it was Open day. I so like Open day, though I would like to see a show or something instead of the actual class. I ended up sitting in the back with one of the few mom’s I know. She’s from Canada and sends her kids to the Steiner school where I used to take my two for the mother and toddler group. It was nice watching the class without Kieran climbing up and down my lap and asking questions the whole time. Hazel won the ballet progress award! She was thrilled and didn’t care that her trophy hadn’t come yet. Needless to say-we didn’t take any photos as she didn’t receive a trophy. The kids take the photos of each other on Open days-I just watch.

Afterwards we walked up to the town centre to see the switching on of the Christmas lights. Kieran and Hazel had fun-and watched all the performances and had a chat with our MP over which person should win the fancy dress costume. Then a quick visit to Santa’s Grotto before heading home.

Saturday morning started with Kieran’s ballet Open class-so bright and early in the rain we all troop out. It was fun-and the kids are all showing progress. The difference in the two classes is quite amazing, and yet they are only the level right below Hazel’s class. That extra year shows the different skill levels and coordination the older children have.

We went to the library after that. We were surprised when we got there to see they were doing a Christmas make-and-take day. Hazel went off to read a Fairy book or two, while Kieran got stuck in. He made a Christmas cracker for Hazel-wasn’t that sweet? Then he made a paper stained glass window to bring home and three decorations for their tree. He also mentioned it had been his birthday-so they all sang to him. It was bad enough for the five weeks prior to his birthday listening to the countdown, now we have to listen to the ‘count back’! Well-the important thing was he had fun. I had plenty of time to choose a whole selection of books for me-and Michael and I chose two videos for the week.

Once home we made sausage and mash for lunch. I went for a lie down as I’ve started another cold. While I was resting Michael made a chilli-con-carne for dinner. When he was done I came back down and we made paper stained glass windows with the kids. Then we played Pop-to-the-Shops with the kids. Poor Hazel asked three days in a row to play. We basically spent a quite afternoon together and then watched Strictly Come Dancing before the kids went to bed.

On Sunday we decided to go get our tree. We had a fairly leisurely morning as neither of us slept well due to our colds. Michael went up tot he attic and took down the rest of the house Christmas decorations. We had put up most of the house decorations on the Thursday before Jamie came to visit. I wanted it done so I had the Advent Calendar down for the 1st-and because we like them. Poor Kieran can’t contain his excitement for Christmas.

The kids were thrilled when we said they could have the artificial tree in their play room-with lights on it. They got busy doing that with Michael, and after lunch we headed to the garden centre.



I picked the first tree I checked out. I had decided I wasn’t going to be so picky this year-but I think we got a good tree. I did like it-so what is the sense in making him drag out ten other trees? Michael brought it home and then came back for us. While he was gone we browsed the book section.

Off then to Waitrose to get something for dinner. We proved then just what an indecisive pair we are. We went to the meat/fish counter three different times! In the end, instead of having jacket potatoes with leftover chilli for dinner, we had a roast pork roll. It was very nice-and was had for the bargain price of £2.12. It was small-but just the right size for us.

Home then to decorate the house. I did send the kids upstairs while we put the tree up. I told them it was for their own good-as we’d probably argue at some point before the lights were done. See-I’m a nut case about the lights. You must do the squint test a zillion time and make sure there are no dark spaces when you squint at the tree. But as I said-this year it was to be different! I just let Michael put them on, said great job-and called the kids down to decorate. I still haven’t squinted at the tree-and I won’t. Instead of decreeing where all the decorations should go-I just handed them to the kids with the simple reminder to space them out. And no-I have not moved one single decoration! Ok-on that front I have been slightly tempted-but didn’t! See-I can do this and not be the complete and total control freak!

We normal have an angel for the tree top-but I’ve never really liked it other than she had on a red dress. So I had a moment of pure inspiration. I asked Hazel if we could put the felt Santa she made on top of the tree. She was delighted I asked-and so am I-it looks lovely. See-a no fuss Christmas isn’t that hard!




Here are the photos of Kieran’s Lego kits he got from his birthday. He received minimal help to put them together. Photos are by Kieran.



I also like this one he took of Hazel-who is forever in this position these days!


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4 Responses to Stress Free Christmas Decorating

  1. Emma says:

    I was wondering what had happened to your blog.

    Great Christmas tree pics. I love the Santa on top of the tree. Well done Hazel it looks great.

    What a lovely thing for Kieran to do making the cracker for Hazel. I love it when my kids do things like that too.

  2. Dawn says:

    The tree looks lovely. I love the photo of your daughter reading….we have that book as well.

  3. Bridget says:

    I too wondered where you’d gone. Lovely tree.

  4. Elizabeth says:

    Thanks Everyone! Dawn-Hazel has read every MMM book we have found. She really enjoys them.

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