Happy 6th Birthday Kieran!


Last year I wrote:

“How did my baby become 5 already? It is just so unfair how quickly time goes when you have children-if I could slow it down I most certainly would. I miss having a baby, but I love having a little boy who brings so much joy into our lives.

Kieran is a funny, bubbly, happy, energetic, intelligent, curious, sensitive and extremely lovable little boy. He is also my imp-the one who’ll get away with everything because he has this smile that just melts my heart every time!”

Other than lamenting that he’s 6 now instead of 5-I wouldn’t change any of the above. He is still a joy every second of every day. He and his sister are just such delights-that I know I’m the luckiest mom around.

In the past three months alone he has:

  1. Learned to play the recorder to a level his teacher thought would take well over a year
  2. Learnt to read
  3. Lost his first tooth
  4. Stunned me with more amazing questions than I’d think anyone of his age could come up with
  5. He has learned to function well in large gatherings of children
  6. Found a really great fossil
  7. Impressed a grown-up group of geologists with his knowledge and enthusiasm for the subject
  8. Climbed up and down cliffs like it was a regular walk in the park
  9. Found his first geocache
  10. Gotten his first marriage proposal
  11. Learnt to use a camera
  12. Has pleaded to be able to help the neighbours with gardening and pulling up their rubbish bins on collection day all on his own

That is just to name a few of his current accomplishments in the past few months. If I was to think about the whole year-it would just make my head spin. And to think-he has only turned 6.

It has been a wonderful year-and to see him growing and developing right before my eyes has never ceased to delight and amaze me. I just hope that he always remains as lovable and happy as he is now-because that’s what I think life is really all about.

To celebrate his day-we just all spent a quite day together. The morning started with his gifts. He came in first thing and pulled back the curtains expecting to see his gifts. Then he was looking in all the usual places I hide them in my room. Poor kid-we left them downstairs, on purpose. So off we all troop to watch the opening of his gifts. Like last year-it was mainly Lego sets from us. He got two of the City sets-which he was pleased with. He also got two new DVD’s-which hopefully one day he’ll be able to watch. We also booked in to see a talk by Nick Baker, the naturalist, in Oxford for the following night.


The big gift was hidden behind the curtain-he got his long sought after guitar! To say he was happy was an understatement.


He wanted porridge for breakfast-so Hazel made it for him. It was the first time she did it on her own-so kudos to her! Michael then went to work for a meeting, and Kieran worked on his Lego kits. He surprised Michael, because with a little help from Hazel they finished the one kit before Michael got home for lunch.

When Michael got home we all went to Pizza Hut for a late lunch, and then to a few shops. I had an appointment that afternoon and as Michael worked in the morning, it was too hard to go anywhere. We had Kieran’s birthday cake before a light dinner.


So a very quite day-but he was happy with his presents. He managed to finish most of the second kit before his birthday ended-and he can’t wait for guitar lessons. That’s the one problem with gifts like that-they keep costing us more and more!

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2 Responses to Happy 6th Birthday Kieran!

  1. Emma says:

    That was so beautiful what you have written about Kieran. They grow up so fast and time is flying by. Before we know it they’ll be flying the nest which is a very scary thought!!! It would be great if you could time travel and revisit those special moments occasionally when they were babies (but without going through the sleepless nights again lol!).

  2. Hannah says:

    Belated birthday greetings Kieran :o)

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