Party the Irish Way

The kids had a busy day today. We watched Victoria for the morning for Carole while she went for an appointment to check on the little one. My two are ever so excited-Kieran can’t get enough of touching Carole’s belly to feel the baby move. I don’t know who’s most excited at times!

Before they all headed off to play-they sorted out sweet bags for the kids in their Irish dance class. They counted out 10 chocolates for each child out of a selection pack and put them into Christmas bags. Hazel liked learning how to curl the ribbons we used to tie the bags.

The funny thing that happened today was that Victoria mainly played with Kieran. She still worships Hazel-but she and Kieran are now more on the same wave length and were very busy playing house. Hazel just seems so old compared to them these days. The week before, Victoria asked Carole to ask me if it was ok for Victoria to marry Kieran when they grow up. Have to say-we’d be thrilled with that. Carole picked her up just after lunch-and then we headed to the dentist.

This time it was the kids turn for a check-up. They both did well-and she was pleased with their progress. I let them both pick out a new toothbrush before we left. It was ironic that they went to have their teeth checked a couple of hours before going to a party.

That afternoon was their Irish classes Christmas party. Her three Monday classes all joined in. Ours are obviously in the younger kids class. We got there a bit early and helped her set up. Kieran was wondering why his classmate Killian wasn’t there at the beginning-but was happy when he saw him come in about 20 minutes late. Killian wouldn’t join in the dancing-so he and Kieran just messed about.

They all played a big game of musical chairs to begin with. I thought she was very clever with that. She set up two simultaneous games, the under 8’s and over 8’s. As each child lost out-it was their turn to go to the kitchen to get their food-so no one had any time to be upset. Though I did think Kieran was going to have a wobble-as he was in the last three in his group. But when he got out-one of the brothers was controlling the music-and he asked Kieran to help out right away. You can tell he has three younger siblings!

After they ate their tea (another British way to say dinner) the teacher brought round huge, and I mean huge, cupcakes for all the kids. Hazel took one look at it and said no thanks! Kieran took one-but didn’t manage to eat a quarter of it. I was so shocked to see all the girls gobble all of theirs up.

They then did some big Irish dancing group dances-and my two joined in and had fun. Kieran also spent time playing with Killian-they do get on well together. My two handed out the chocolates they brought for their classmate. We also brought one for Killian’s little sister who comes most weeks, and one for a little girl, Polly, in the class after ours. She is a really cute kid, and I got chatting to her mom at the feis over the summer-and they seem like such a nice family. Polly always comes in and says hello to my two as if they know each other well-and my two react the same way. Which is funny-as that’s basically all they know about each other!

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