Still no Tooth Fairy

We had a fairly usual week around here for the most part. Carole and Victoria came over on Tuesday for the morning and early afternoon-which is always lovely.

The kids had all of their classes. I had yet more doctor appointments-nothing serious. But between doctors and the dentist-I feel they are the only people I see these days. It’s all those little niggly things that need fixing. I happened to see the gynaecologists this week that oversaw my two pregnancy’s-was like running into an old friend. He wasn’t able to do either c-section as one was an emergency while he was away, and the other ended up having OR conflicts with another of his patients. I’m probably still the only patient who made him personally call and book a surgery before I would agree to come in to the hospital early before I had Kieran. With so many problems while pregnant-we saw a lot of each other. I had 20 scans between the two kids and almost weekly check-ups, plus over a month in hospital all total. And about two years worth of follow up visits till the complications eased. Glad I don’t have to see him too often any more. Though it’s been a couple of years since I was there on a regular basis-a few of the staff remembered me. Wonder if that was because I was a good patient-or one of those pesky patients. Hopefully the former.

The kids also had an outing on Friday to the HE groups local meet-up at a soft play area near us. It was fun for them. I had a nice chat with one of the mom’s of one of the older boys. He is a very handsome young man-the girls are going to go mad for him. She is very nice, seems like such a calm person.

Hazel started her new embroidery class on Saturday. I have only met the women who run it while at the local library-so it felt a bit weird dropping her off for four hours with perfect strangers. I felt she would be ok-especially as two girls looked very eager to say hello to her. I knew I knew them from somewhere-but couldn’t place them. Then Hazel told me afterwards that one was the HE girl from the local Irish dancing class Hazel used to attend. The other was her fraternal twin sister. By all accounts she had a great time and is looking forward to the next class. She made a felt Fr. Christmas and a fabric holly wreath. I think she did an excellent job.  (Photos of Fr. Christmas in the post above!)


While she was at class the three of us went to Tesco’s to do a bit of shopping as we were having company in the morning. Michael & I meandered through the shop-which usually means the end result is lots more money spent than usual-but we didn’t get anything that we didn’t need. It was fun, yet odd, for the two of us to spend so much time alone with Kieran.

The Barlows came over today-it was the first time all term we saw each other. The girls have grown and are as lovely as ever. The kids all played and we grown-ups had a good chat. They told us all about a holiday they had-which included a ride on a camel.

The kids also gave each other their birthday gifts. Hazel received a lovely sewing box filled with odds and ends for her new class. Kieran got two different types of building kits-both very appreciated. I was happy by Naomi’s delight in her tops from us-wasn’t too sure if she was still a HSM fan.

In the evening after they left, Hazel lost another bottom tooth. That makes it her third one in total. She has two more wobbly teeth, and Kieran has one more at the moment. I wonder how many gaps there will be at Christmas.  And no-she is not missing a top tooth-her teeth move rather dramatically before one falls out.  The top left one is very wobbly-so soon it will be a huge gap.


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