The Jamie Weekend

The kids were thrilled Jamie was coming. They like their aunt and uncle as well-but Jamie gets top billing from my two. They decided on some activities they wanted to do with Jamie-so we let them make the decisions.

As I said-we didn’t tell them they were coming Friday night-so much delight and merriment ensued when they got here. A very late bed-time it was-I don’t think any were asleep till after 10 pm. We adults were worse, and stayed up a tad late as well.

First thing on Saturday I took Hazel to her ballet exam. I so don’t know what all the fuss is about the backroom moms-we all take it so casually. Hazel borrowed an outfit from the teacher as hers isn’t regulation. I braided her fringe, and then the teacher put it back in a net-no fuss! I was expecting it to be like the other exam she had-about 5-10 minutes max. The four girls were in there for over a half hour. Hazel said it went well-but she doesn’t really understand that it’s a test-and I’m not too sure if she’d care. She is good, and has more than enough confidence in herself.


When we got home the two boys were busy playing. Nicky and Andy had gone to town. He wanted to go shopping in town. I don’t understand that myself-but hey ho! The UK is very similar to the States-the same shops are in almost every town-or at least the next town over-there are very few independent shops these days. Hazel and Kieran did their recorder practice while we waited for them to come back from town.


When they got back we headed our next victims up to Milestones. Jamie decided he was coming in the car with us-which was fun. I asked him if he was normally really terrible on car rides because his mom kept asking if we were sure it was ok he came with us. Really-how much trouble can he cause in the car? And as if Hazel & Kieran wanted him anywhere else. I did think it was funny when he said he came with us because his parents usually get lost while on vacation. Kids!





I think he enjoyed Milestones. The Tudor visit has helped my two venture down a new route in Milestones. Hazel finally wanted to use the dress up clothes! She would never have done that before. I think they all looked really cute. We all had a drink and some crisps in the pub. I usually prefer the cafe-they don’t do tea in the pub.

After Milestones we headed to a local Harvester for an early dinner. When we got home the kids vanished upstairs. Unfortunately all was not well-and the late night and excitements began to show. Kieran accidentally bumped Jamie’s head (this is H & K’s version of course!) while coming down from his bunk bed. Jamie declared he was leaving (we all heard that part)-which upset my two to no end. They aren’t used to that kind of statement-and took it to heart. I knew it wasn’t good as soon as I heard Hazel crying-she has to be really upset for that to happen. I went up after the dad’s gave it a go-and soon peace was restored-and all three were sent for their baths and a fairly early bedtime.

It’s been awhile since I’ve dealt with anything like that. My two haven’t had anything like that with their other cousins or any of their friends, and as Jamie is an only child he hasn’t learned to cope with those issues which always occur with siblings. My two never even comment if they get bumped-as it has always been accidental-which is no reason to get annoyed. Accidents happen. My two have never hit each other or anyone else-so it’s not an issue around here. They have also never been hit by another child-so it’s an alien concept to them. Long may it last!

It did bring back visions of my childhood within minutes. We were forever bickering and falling out, and the ‘bumping’ was rarely accidental. We don’t bicker any more-we just avoid each other. I also used to babysit for years on end, so had lots of practice in diffusing childhood upsets. Glad I can still do it-even gladder to know I rarely have to.

They all slept well and forgot about the previous night-as expected. The kids and the dads headed out early to the bowling alley where they all played two games.


The mom’s slept in! I did get up and go to watch the last game-which was fun. The kids did well-I wish they had those bumpers when I was a kid. I was/am really bad at bowling. For Michaels last turn of the game-he got three strikes in a row-which meant he beat Hazel by one point. He claims he didn’t know how many points he needed to win. Did I mention he’s a mathematician? She was rather upset.

At home Michael (the mean daddy!) made everyone a late breakfast/early lunch and then we headed to Oxford. Kieran wanted Jamie to see the dinosaurs at the Museum. I wasn’t too sure if Jamie still liked them-so was pleased to see him carrying around three or four toy ones all weekend. They all just had a wander round and looked at whatever they wanted. When we left we all separated and went our own ways. We headed to the Ashmolean, and they headed to check out the shopping area. We all don’t have too much in common. Hazel went right to the beadwork section and Kieran asked a zillion questions. We then had the mandatory stop in the cafe for tea for us, and a chocolate cake for the kids before heading back to the bus. When we were on line at the bus stop someone joined the queue just as the bus got there-it was them! The kids were thrilled to have Jamie on the bus ride again-though saying goodbye twice isn’t that much fun.

We headed home and just had a cosy night in. After a quick pasta dinner we were all sitting in the kitchen living room relaxing. We were reading, Kieran was playing cars-and I thought-yes, I like my home life. What’s better than being content to just ‘be’ with the ones you love?

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