A Shopping we will go!

On Tuesday I had to be at the doctors at 8:40am-remind me to pick a later time next time! It wasn’t that bad-we did make it. The kids and I aren’t used to moving fast in the mornings, and we never drive in rush hour-it took us longer to get down to the end of our road than it normally takes to get to town.

As we were up and in town-I had decided that we were going to get our Christmas shopping done for the kids cousins. We spent the whole morning in town shopping. We did manage to get all but one gift done-so I’d say we were rather successful. When we were at my BIL’s I told our nieces and nephew that they had to tell me what they wanted-or else they’d get the most horrible outfit in the world. They quickly all made suggestions. I was quite surprised when the eldest asked for an outfit-a skirt specifically. Not sure I’m the one to be buying for a 13 year old-I so don’t know what’s cool these days. I have to admit-it was a challenge I enjoyed. I miss buying clothes for my sister’s girls-it was a treat I’d buy them for every great school report. But could we find a skirt? We could not. There are 5,000 different styles of jeans out there, a zillion fancy dress skirts, work skirts-but not many for teenagers. Hazel and I are determined to find one. I like missions!

Michael had Wednesday off-he made an appointment for a plumber to come and service our boiler. That went well-they even came an hour early-which always frees up the day for you. And as no problems were found-hurrah! I didn’t think there would be any-as it is only five years old. Though it was nice to hear it has an efficiency rating of over 95%.

Since the plumber was early-it meant Michael could come to drop the kids off at recorder lessons with me. Which meant we could go the shop where I saw the other curtains I liked. Yes I bought them. Good news there though-this time they were on sale half-price. Destiny!

Michael had an appointment at the dentist in the afternoon-so he brought the kids with him.  This way I could run into town to get Kieran’s guitar for his birthday.  I bought it from the local music shop, as the man has always been good about the kids coming in and playing with the instruments.  After that I put it in the car and went into the Waitrose to get something for dinner-and some things for the kids advent calendar.  I had a great wander round-and was reading all the chutney labels etc.. to find some I thought Michael would like-and that I would approve of them eating.  When I was done I was going to put those in the car and run up to the stationary store in town to get some treats for the kids.  I get to the car-which is parked in a different area than normal.  I’m holding two huge bags of groceries and go to put my key in the trunk.  I drop them.  Normally not a problem.  Turns into a problem when you slowly look down to see a grate right below you!  It was like slow motion.  They just fell, right through the grate. They never hit the grate-they just sailed through till I heard a loup ‘Plop!’  I have to admit-I laughed a bit!  I mean really-how often does that happen?  Then I thanked my lucky stars I had put the guitar in the car already and hadn’t thrown my sweater in the car before going to the shop.  Michael was there in about a half-hour, so I wasn’t stranded for long.

We decided after dinner to drive to Swindon to go to the Argos, to get another printer. When Michael hooked up the one we bought on Saturday it didn’t work. The Samsung people said to return it and get another one-so we did that. Of course Hazel and I ran into a couple of shops on the hunt for the missing skirt-but to no avail.

I went to the Dunelm Mills shop while in Swindon to return the other curtains I had bought, but they were closed. I said we should just head to the one in Reading-but Michael insisted they’d be closed. I know/knew they’d be open-but I wasn’t in the mood to insist we go, as it was getting late anyway.

When Badgers was over on Thursday night-we picked the kids up and headed to Dunelm Mills, as I had till that night to return the curtains. Which didn’t matter in the end as I didn’t have the receipt, so settled for a store credit. We wandered round a bit and I saw a picture I had liked before-but still didn’t buy it.

Then we decided to pop into the large Sainsbury’s there to get some food for the next few days as we were having visitors. It’s been awhile since we were there-and were surprised to see it was redesigned. Why I’d be surprised at that I have no idea-the shops here are constantly changing things around-a very annoying habit. I bet I could go to the ACME near my childhood home and it’d all be the same. Anyway-they had a huge clothing section and we had a wander. We saw the DVD for his Gran that we wanted to get-so that was good. We also managed to change a top we had bought for our goddaughter, I had gotten the wrong size. We also all managed to find one item each that we wanted-so a small spending splurge where we all got a small treat!

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