The Kitchen Staff

The week has passed fairly quietly. Never a bad thing! As we weren’t too sure how long we were staying in Devon, Michael had booked the 17th off so he was home for the day. I did all the unpacking, laundry and did  some Spanish and Geology work. Michael took the kids for a haircut-never an easy thing for him. Possibly due to his fear of coming home with them and me hating the haircuts. It went well-and he only called me twice about Hazel’s haircut. Luckily enough I knew the woman from class and I just chatted to her.

On Tuesday the kids and I went to a Tudor re-enactment at the King John’s House and Heritage Centre in Romsey. My two have never been to a re-enactment and I wasn’t too sure how well they’d do. They’ve never wanted to dress up before at an event-so I was curious how they would handle it. I tried not to go in with them-but Kieran was insistent. Of course-once in, they didn’t pay any attention to me. And even though a cup of tea in a tea shop is lovely-it is fun to watch them enjoying themselves. I also met someone new-so had fun chatting with another mom who was from the Buffalo, NY area.

The woman who led the re-enactment could have been a bit more enthusiastic, but other than that it was good. She organized them all into roles. Hazel started to shrink towards the back of the group, but as the set-up stages progressed, she was more interested. So much so that if she wasn’t picked to be the cook she would have burst. As soon as she realized someone could be the cook she was right under the woman’s nose with a beaming, yet very eager smile. The lady got the hint!


Kieran and another little boy were picked to be the pot-boys. Kieran thought that was the best role possible. The other little boy was a couple of month’s older so was given the hat to wear-luckily enough Kieran didn’t mind that. The two boys had a great time-they giggled and laughed the whole time. I love when kids meet for the first time and just have a blast with each other. They had to also be the entertainers-something Kieran loved.


Hazel enjoyed her role-though was a bit bewildered by it all. Especially when the bread bit came-she was far more interested in eating her roll than dishing out things to the servers. It has spurred Kieran on to be far more helpful in the kitchen at home-he wants to tidy up all the time-long may it continue!


When the re-enactment was done the kids all went outside for a run around. It was good to get some fresh air before heading back in. Once in, they went to make clay pots. After our disaster at the Ashmolean with me helping them-my two insisted that I could go to the cafe. They didn’t want my help-at all! I did stay-but chatted to the other American mom while the kids had fun making pots. The little boy sat next to Kieran and they had a good laugh while making the pots.


At the end of the clay pot session, as I hadn’t packed a lunch we headed to town to find a cafe. There was a nice little shop that did baked potatoes-perfect for a little boy with a very wobbly front tooth. We headed back to the Heritage Centre when we finished eating. The kids played with everyone outside for a bit, then the three of us explored the couple rooms in the upstairs museum and had a lovely chat with the man in the Tourist Information office.

Later that evening after I came home from Geology class Kieran came down to say his tooth was very wobbly. Of course Hazel came down as well, she didn’t want to miss anything. Michael asked Kieran if he wanted to try and pull it-and Kieran agreed to it. It only took one try-but I didn’t expect that much blood. Kieran usually freaks out if blood is involved-but this didn’t bother him at all. He was very proud of his huge gap. I think he was also pleased with the £5.00.



The rest of the week was spent mostly at home and going to their classes. Recorder lessons are coming on nicely-Kieran even wrote his own little piece to play.

Our printer had died on us last month and when we called the Samsung people about having it repaired-they just sent us a token for a new one. The token arrived during the week so we had a drive to Abingdon on the Saturday to pick up the replacement. We went into a house wares shop next to it for a wander-and I saw some curtains I like for the kitchen sitting room-they aren’t to my usual taste, yet I liked them. I’ll have to give those a thought-as I do have some I’d spent a fortune on sitting at home waiting to be hung.

On the way home we stopped off at our favourite country farm shop and had some tea and cake. Luckily enough it was nice enough for the kids to play outside while we had our tea. While there we bought some venison to make a casserole with for Sunday. It was a first time having venison casserole (we have had venison sausages) for all of us-and we all liked the meat, though Hazel and I weren’t overly keen on the flavour of the casserole.

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