Animal Adaptations

The week got off to a late start for the kids and I.  We managed to sleep till almost 8:30am-and are still barely waking these days till at least 8am.  We spent the morning trying to tidy up, I caught up on laundry, they did recorder practice, Sketch Tuesday and I did Spanish.  The Sketch Tuesday theme was something that lives in the cold.  I was not surprised with what Kieran drew-he sings Christmas songs in July!  I think we even did some sit-down work, the first time in almost a month!  I had a dental appointment in the afternoon, not so much fun.  Not the worst appointment-just wish I didn’t have to have any work done.  Turns out I’ve been clenching my teeth at night and I’ve cracked two teeth.  I’ve also thrown the alignment of my teeth off-but I don’t even want to know how that would need to be corrected.  Especially as I’m sure it would cost a small fortune, which we don’t have! 


After the appointment we headed, very early, to Irish class.  We went to a butcher/farm shop and got in a few things and then sat in the car reading.  Well-Hazel and I read while Kieran did his best to talk to me non-stop the whole 20 minutes.  He still talks to me non-stop no matter what I’m doing.  One of these days I know he probably won’t want to tell me every thought he has, but sometimes I’d like a few minutes to actually concentrate on something when he’s awake!


After dinner Michael showed them their new email accounts.  They were both thrilled to have their own inboxes, and were excited to see they had mail in their accounts.  Many thanks to Joan, my step-dad & Jenni!  Michael helped them do their first replies. 


I had class in the evening.  Wasn’t too bad considering I hadn’t looked at it in over two weeks.  It was actually a fairly fun class as well.  He thinks up some of the daftest activities for us to do so we can mill around and practice the phrases on each other.  It’s rarely dull.  The pace seems awfully slow at times-but saying that-I think it’s just right for me.  Especially as I’m not paying it too much attention outside of class.


The kids and I had to be up early to get to the Museum in Oxford.  They were attending a discussion on Animal Adaptations.  Kieran wasn’t that interested so we just walked around a bit.  It didn’t look like the best talk in the world.  Hazel said it was ok, not what she expected, but she’d try another one.  She showed she was so my girl-they had large roaches on the table when Kieran and I came back, and there was no way she was touching one.  They were huge-and I kept thinking they should be killed-not admired.


Kieran was given a back-pack, something we’ve never done before.  We sat to look through it and after I read him the cards he just said ‘that all seems silly’.  So we put it back and just wandered.  He just likes to look at what he wants to, and he wants no suggestions-even from a nice back-pack.  When he was done browsing we got one of the trail worksheets and he enjoyed doing it.  The talk was given right in the museum, and at the same time there was a grade school class (kids about age 6) having a talk about bones on the other side.  Seemed like something Kieran would have liked.  We chatted with two of the girls from that group.  They were wearing gloves that had a skeleton of a hand on it, so we admired them for a bit.  Then the one girl was telling me they had come all the way from ‘name-of-place’ to come to the museum.  So I had to tell them I had come all the way from America, and was her ‘name-of-place’ as far as America?  You should have seen their eyes when they were shaking their heads no! 


When the talk bit was over the kids went around the museum trying to answer some questions about birds.  The one thing we were stumped on was if the Dodo bird ate fish or seeds/fruit.  Hazel said fish, I said seeds.  I still haven’t looked it up—probably because I’d hate it if she was right!  We never ended the class with a discussion about the sheet-so I guess we’ll never know!


Hazel wanted to go the Ashmolean afterwards, so we went there for just over an hour.  They just wandered around the Egyptian cases-Hazel likes all the small artefacts, like the jewellery and figurines.   I’m glad we went as it’s closing down for almost a year.  We might try and get back one more time before they close.  We stayed for about an hour before hunger got to us.


Hazel dictated the day really-as we had a quick lunch and then went to the Blackwell bookstore.  We both decided in the end that we prefer the Oxford Borders’ kids section best.


We dashed home in time for me to read a bit of my geology stuff and to cook a quick dinner.  Class was fairly good-until he asked me if I thought I was catching on, in front of the class.  I had to admit-it’s coming slowly, but I was sure I’d catch up one of these years.  We were looking at fossils-that’d be shells and rocks to most normal folk!  Well-the woman next to me tried in a very nice way, you know-as if talking to a child, to tell me that shells all have different features and that is how you can tell them apart.  So I said that I’d notice that, and that I knew she was holding a clam shell, an oyster shell and a scallop shell.  Anyone who goes to a fish counter or eats shellfish would know that!  Just had no idea all those clam shells we used to paint to make ashtrays for my parents were probably real fossils.  I always just assumed they’d just died recently.  She laughed when she realized how silly her statement was-then went on to show me how they knew these ones were old—now that, I didn’t know.  Still don’t know it-but one day I’ll shock them all!


On Wednesday morning the kids and I did the second proper recorder lesson together since before half-term.  They had practiced a couple of times on their own-but that was about it.  They did fairly well in class, which is always good.  The rest of the day was pretty much spent at home.  Michael had a dental appointment in the afternoon and was home a bit early.  We just made a risotto for dinner-something he could handle.  He wasn’t allowed to act like a man does after dental work-especially as I’d had the same thing done on the Monday.  Next month’s credit card bill is when we can act hurt!


Today was just spent in a laundry and ironing frenzy.  We are going away for a geology outing for the weekend-and I needed to do the usual-get every ounce of clothing cleaned and ready-as I never know what I’ll pack to the last minute.  I also have this weird compulsion to clean the house before we go away.  More of a fear of someone coming in while I’m out and finding things out of place, or heaven forbid-dusty!  I also dislike coming home to an untidy house.  Michael was due to be home earlish so we could have a quick dinner and then he could bring the kids to Badgers while I continued with my obsessions.  All that was changed ½ hour before he was due home.


The phone rang at 4:30 pm with someone asking if Hazel wanted to join the Brownies in January.  I was shocked as we were told repeatedly that the list is huge and she probably wouldn’t get in for years.  The next town over has a short list, if any these days; where as our town has a huge waiting list-and they are still recruiting for new leaders and advising people to put the names on the list 3 years before you want a place.  Then she says it’s on Thursdays-same time as Badgers.  I said Hazel would have to make the decision and asked if we could stop by tonight to check it out so we could let them know.  She agreed to that, which meant much needed running around for me.


I had to dash to the shower!  My hair takes forever to blow-dry and I was beginning to think I wouldn’t get ready in time.  Michael, luckily, was home early as planned, so he finished up the dinner and then we all dashed out.  The good thing is, we’ll just need to make one run if she joins-Brownies is on the way to Badgers, and starts 15 minutes before, and ends 15 minutes after Badgers.  I think Hazel was pleased with what she saw.  The leader was very nice, and the kids were extremely excited about the Brownies.  I know many Badger sets do lots of activities-but ours is awfully dull and the kids just play games for most of the session.  I’d prefer if Hazel had activities with more of a purpose, and I think she would to.  Brownies wasn’t my thing-but I think Hazel will love it.  She did tell the leader she hoped it wasn’t like Rainbows as the Rainbows had silly activities!


Funny aside-Kieran was upset and wants to go to Brownies as well-kept saying ‘it wasn’t fair’.  I was surprised as he likes having his own dance class, so thought he’d enjoy having Badgers as ‘his’ thing.  Turned out what he was upset about wasn’t that he would be alone at Badgers, but that it wasn’t fair she was going to go eat brownies, and he couldn’t have any!

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2 Responses to Animal Adaptations

  1. tammy says:

    like the new look blog!! Glad you are all feeling better. Are they closing the ashmolean to update it? I haven’t been since I was about 11 but I bet it hasn’t changed!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Yes Tammy-I think it reopens next November. They’ve been working on it and a few rooms have been closed over the past few months.

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