Abigail's Birthday

Wednesday and Thursday were mostly spent at home.  The kids and I ran to the shop and the library on Thursday, and that was pretty much the extent of outings.  We wanted to be well rested for the weekend and so that Michael would be OK to go back to work on Monday.


On Friday the kids and I went to a very local indoor play place.  It was our first time there and considering how close it is to us it is fairly silly that we hadn’t been before!  My children are patient little souls!  It is a fairly new play place so I wasn’t surprised how clean it was-just surprised that it was actually a pleasant place.  The noise level/echoing wasn’t too bad-and they actually have windows to let in some natural light.  We stayed for about three hours and came home to have a late lunch/early dinner with Michael.  Hazel went to ballet afterwards as she has an exam in a couple of weeks.


In the morning on Saturday Kieran went to his ballet class and I rushed around packing an overnight bag for us all.  We went up to Michael’s brothers house to join in the family party to wish little Abigail a Happy 1st birthday.  I had been teasing my two for a couple of days about how I was going to kidnap Abbi and bring her to live with us.  Kieran didn’t think it was funny at all!  He thought it was a mean thing to do and he didn’t want me to go to jail.  I’m going to have to work on it though-she is just too cute and she looks like my two-it’d be great!


We got there before 3 pm-so not a bad drive up-considering we stopped at an outdoor wear/gear shop on the way up.  We did find some waterproof jackets for the kids-but no trousers.


It was nice to see everyone-even Michael’s Gran came round.  She doesn’t get out and about as much as she used to-so we were pleased she came.  It was the first time since last boxing day we were all together.  The kids had a good time with their cousins.  It’s a ‘family’ thing-you can go months without seeing each other and when you finally get together again, it was just like seeing each other last week.  My BIL kept calling Kieran ‘Jamie’ and vice versa–it was too funny, especially as he kept apologizing.  I did it myself a couple of times-they do look very similar!  Jamie is just a tad (lots) skinnier than Kieran, and Kieran’s hair is a bit longer than Jamies.  That kind of confusion I understand-I’m a brunette and my sister is a blonde-people always mixed our names up!


We went back to our hotel by 9 pm-and the kids and I fell asleep while Michael went out with his parents for a drink.  I must have been exhausted-I’m rarely fast asleep when he gets back.  I didn’t even read a single page from my book, or even watch any TV.  Especially since the hotel now has more than 4 channels!


We had originally planned to spend Sunday night as well so we could visit with his parents and Gran, but we decided to just spend the afternoon and then drive home.  We had a great roast dinner-Kieran’s favourite- roast pork with crackling.  Michaels Gran came up as well-so we had two visits with her.  Jamie and his parents stopped by as well-so Kieran and Hazel were thrilled.  Though they didn’t like him leaving before we left.


The drive home was rather good-even though it was raining most of the way.  I even managed to stay awake the whole time.  I knew we were both tired and I don’t like him driving while we are all dozing off.  The kids actually napped for a bit-the first time that has happened in ages! 


Every time we go up north it is always greyer and the temperature difference is always so evident.  I’d say it can be up to almost 5 degrees colder.  Now as that is Celsius-it is even a bigger difference in Fahrenheit, it’s about double the difference.  So if it’s 50 degrees F in the south, it would be about 40 degrees F in the north.  I had said earlier in the day that it seems as if the temperature always changes at almost the exact same place along the route.  And my theory was proved right-well, at least on that day!  Just north and south of the 1st big city the temperature dropped both times by a degree.  When we got to the welcome sign for the next county-it dropped another full point.  Less than half-way through that county the rain stopped and we even had sunshine!  Just at the south of that county, the north tip of ours the temperature dropped again.  Then, we went over a ridge way at the very beginning of our county and the temperature dropped yet again.  OK-not a big deal, I know.  I just thought it was a neat observation about the local geography of a 3 hour car ride.  And there is no way we will ever move more than 20 miles north of where we now live!!

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