It’s Official-we’re ill!

Well, only three of us aren’t up to par. So far Hazel seems to be doing ok, and hopefully will remain so. On Monday morning I called and got the guys and myself an appointment-luckily with my preferred doctor. It’s the 1st time since I’ve been in the UK I’ve needed, and asked, for medication. My throat was so swollen-I was not going to make it through the day with out something from the penicillin family. Those who know my track record back home for having strep throat, bronchitis, ear & sinus infections all the time—this is the 1st time in eight years I’ve been ill with anything like that. And I’m possible running to the doctor for something I probably would have ignored back then! I’m not used to the pain of strep throat anymore!

Poor Kieran was still covered in spots and feeling a bit warm in the morning. She said his throat was probably as sore as mine-he just wasn’t complaining about it. Michael’s throat had been like that for a week-so we should have gotten him in sooner. Right after the appointment we headed to the supermarket to get all the prescriptions filled and a few provisions. This is the 1st time one of the kids needed penicillin for being ill. Kieran did have something for his foot infection-but this is the 1st major cold either has had.

So I got to learn one more interesting thing about the NHS. They wouldn’t fill all of Kieran’s prescription. I have to go back by Friday to have the rest of it filled. It’s their ‘check’ to make sure you continue to give the child the full dosage. I think sometimes they carry this nonsense a bit too far. Obviously I’ve taken him to a doctor, gotten him a prescription-now why wouldn’t I make sure he took the full prescription? I know just because he may feel better, it doesn’t mean the medicine has done what it’s programmed to do. On our packages they just simply put on it to take the full lot—why can’t they do that for the kids? I’m almost tempted not to just to see if they come after us! Just kidding! Then again-who’s to say that the parents will give it to them after they have the last half filled? All those extra trips to the pharmacy that could be avoided if they’d just treat parents in this country as if they were adults.

As soon as we got in the house we took our medication. It’s a bit of an adjustment for Kieran-all this waiting an hour after he’s taken it before he can eat anything. As ill as he may be, his appetite hasn’t diminished at all. After the meds had been taken we just sat down and decided that if we have a week at home-we could get just a few more small jobs done! Michael and I set about doing some ‘phone’ jobs, etc… Basically I balanced all the accounts for the last two months; I sorted out most of the paperwork I shoved in a heap for over a month; he called about the printer that jams; he took care of some other computer things that have been waiting to be sorted; I cancelled two of the kids classes; signed Hazel up for a new group; Hazel did some of her book journaling and sent an email about a book review; Kieran also sent an email; we rearranged the dvd’s/cd’s for the kids; and a few others I’m sure. It felt good to get all those niggly little jobs done, and not to spread any germs while getting them accomplished.

The kids kept themselves busy. They also finally did a Sketch Tuesday drawing each. We have only done one this term. Having Victoria here has been an ‘interruption’ to their Monday morning project. They enjoyed doing them and scanning them in. The theme this week was ‘Something with a Point’.

Michael and I also made a decision about the kitchen living space. We decided on one of the samples we got on Saturday from the shop-and we decided to have it made into a large area rug. This morning arrives and we are all feeling a tad better from our 4 doses of our meds. We decided that Michael would write up the measurements and we’d go hand back the samples with our order and come back home. So off we joyfully go for what we thought would be no more than 15 minutes in the carpet shop. As those of you who have seen/listened to our dealings with the extension and our general constant re-arranging of the rooms, and how long it takes me to find something I like-are probably impressed that it only took me 3 days to decide what I wanted. But you’ve also heard that in all these years-I’ve had one new item delivered that was: 1. the correct item, 2. not damaged, 3. delivered on time. And we have bought every piece of furniture, including the kitchen cabinets since being together. There are only three items in the whole house that are older than our moving in together: the tub, the bathroom sink and a wardrobe. Basically-we’ve had a lot of complaints/problems about obtaining what we want. Many of you may also know that sometimes a decision has taken us (me!) so long that the item is discontinued, etc… Unfortunately, the list of sagas continues.

What happens today? It only took me 3, I stress 3, days to make up my mind. We go to the shop-and since Saturday-the carpet we chose is no longer being produced, and they didn’t have a piece big enough for what we wanted. ARGGGHHH!!!! I just couldn’t believe our (my) luck. This of course meant we went through every sample to find a similar colour. We take four samples away with us to play the decision game again. Michael suggested we pop into the other carpet shop just in the next lot. Off we go. We were in the shop for less than 5 minutes when we see an almost exact duplicate-which all total was over £60/$120 cheaper as they could cut it in a smaller piece. Yeah! We bought it quickly. And returned the other samples!

We then decided as it was getting much later than expected, that we’d run home and take our meds and then a quick trip to the small town. I needed to post a letter, buy some envelopes and we needed just a few items from the grocery store. When we got home Michael cooked some lamb chops which we had with the potatoes I had put in the oven to bake before we left in the morning and some broccoli. So it turned into an early afternoon dinner instead of baked potato and broccoli and cheese for lunch.

The afternoon was spent turning Hazel’s old bedroom into a playroom. I think we did a pretty good job. We need another storage unit in there-but the one we have is downstairs housing tons of books/games/crafts-so until I find a home for them, we’ll make do. We also managed another general tidy, and I was able to clear out a few more older toys, and some things they have too many of. Three plastic tea sets and three porcelain tea sets is more than two children need. (All except one from us were gifts) They are keeping only two of each, that way they have one of each for the house and one for the playhouse. We even brought the sink/oven unit from the playhouse into the playroom. No sense having it outside all winter when they have space for it now. The playroom has a baby doll area, a kitchen area and a large space for Lego and train tracks. Hopefully the mess will be kept to a minimum!

We had a light dinner of cheese omelettes around 6:30pm, followed by hummus with Hazel’s carrots from the garden, and a few corn-tortilla chips. We all also watched some of the news tonight.

I think it’s important for the kids to understand about voting and why it’s important for people to vote. I really think that it is a ‘public duty’ to vote. I used to vote for everythin
g—even all the little local elections. Not that I always knew who was running! An example would be the local school board elections, I didn’t have kids then, but always asked friends in the area who they wanted in and I’d go vote for them. I did have one embarrassing/funny moment at a polling booth. I’d just moved to the town and hadn’t realized the mayor was up for election as well. I had no idea who he was! So I popped my head out and asked the women at the desk who the current mayor was. Then I asked if I should vote for him-they said they couldn’t possibly answer that. But at the same time, they were all shaking their heads ‘no!’ I voted for the other guy!

I’ve never understood any eligible person not voting-I couldn’t wait to register to vote. One of our neighbours when I was growing up was very involved in politics; he was a staunch Republican who had even worked on Nixon’s campaign committee. A couple of days before I turned 18, he called me over to his house. He had all my voter registration forms ready for me. (No-they weren’t mandatory forms to join either political party) I liked that he knew it was something I would be interested in. My parents weren’t American citizens, so they never voted while I was growing up. I always liked politics and always knew I would vote as soon as I could. I’m so old that my 1st Presidential election was between Reagan and Mondale. That was the 1st time a woman was on the Presidential ticket-Geraldine Ferraro from NY ran with Mondale.

Hopefully our kids will be active participants in the electoral process, both locally and nationally, for wherever they live. I am thrilled that they can vote in both countries, as I can. The thought of living somewhere and not having a political voice, however small it may be, would be something I’d find very hard. It was only in the past few years that children of American citizens born outside the USA could have full citizenship rights and to be qualified to be President. Up until then if you hadn’t been born on American soil, you couldn’t become President. Oh-that just gave me a thought, or two. One could be PM for the UK while the other is the President of the USA. Or-one could become the PM for a bit, then go and run for the Presidency. Now that I know-hasn’t been done yet!

Well-I better go get some sleep. Hazel probably really thinks I’m going to wake her in a few hours to go see the 1st results of the election. I’m excited, but do think it’ll have to wait till morning!

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One Response to It’s Official-we’re ill!

  1. tammy says:

    Sorry you guys are poorly-hope you all feel better soon. It was an amazing election result wasn’t it!!

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