Changes are Afoot (Again)!

Big news from last Friday before anything else: Kieran has his 1st wobbly tooth! To say he was excited was an understatement. To say I was upset would also be an understatement! My baby has a loose tooth! I could have cried! They grow-up just way tooooo fast!

Friday had gotten off to a busy start around here. Well-I was busy, the kids were playing. We did manage a recorder practice for about a ½ hour-but other than that they did the usual kids business of playing. I on the other hand had to do something to get rid of the smell of curry. I had made a vegetable curry on Wednesday-in a bid to do something different on occasion for dinner. Well-I paid for it! Our downstairs is open planned, and as anyone who has cooked a curry will know; the smell lingers. Not so nice when it’s around for over 24 hours!

Last Wednesday after dinner I had cleaned the whole stove-the fan vents and everything thinking that on Thursday the odours would have disappeared. They didn’t. I even opened all the windows and the back door-but could still smell it. Mind you, I may be oversensitive to the issue of food smells (as Michael says!)-so it mayn’t have been as bad as I thought. But when I came downstairs on Friday (very early for me-before 8:30am) I decided another cleaning blitz was needed. After I opened all the windows I redid the stove, and cleaned all the floors, again. It worked, or at least I discovered that when we got back home late that afternoon. I had also managed to do three loads of laundry and generally clean the whole of the downstairs. Not bad considering we left the house just after 12:30.

After lunch we drove our neighbour to the hospital so she could visit her husband. It was on our way to the HE group, so we had a nice chat along the way. Nothing better than offering someone a ride and then telling them you have no idea how to get there, and you generally dislike driving in that area! Anyway-we managed it just fine, and even got parking right out front for her. They are really lovely people, and we are just hoping he’ll be ok soon. Looks like his gallbladder will be removed, eventually. Though he is in hospital at the moment in pain from it-he’ll have to wait till he is discharged, come home and live with the pain until his name comes to the top of the waiting list. Great system, huh?

When we said goodbye, we went off to try and find the group from where we were. I had brought a town centre-map with me—and astounded the kids (and me!) by finding it in minutes. I had no idea how close we were, as the park for the group wasn’t on that map-I just knew the general direction. One of these days I’ll be zipping around the IDR!!

Group was good-both kids are getting a bit more involved. Hazel reluctantly joined the group of kids for the reading group. I knew she would like it if she went over. By the time we were in the car she was abuzz with ideas for it-she really likes that one month she can choose the book they read! My girl loves to tell people what to do! They also helped to bake pumpkin pies. Another American organized that-and some people were surprised she was using canned pumpkin. I‘ve never known a pumpkin pie not to have been made from Libby’s finest! Even though my kids did lots of the work for it-I was so not tempted to taste it. I hate the way it looks, so have never even tried it, and I never will. It’s fairly amazing my kids don’t act so silly towards food! (Actually-I’ve hid so many of my ‘phobias’ from them, and am only gradually letting them in on them all. Ones like why I can’t stand to see them eat cereal with milk in it-yuck!)

We had to stop at the shop on the way home for something for dinner. See Tammy-another meal I didn’t plan ahead! We chose the really good fishcakes from the Waitrose fish counter-they are as good as, if not better than homemade. We got home awfully late-Michael was home before us searching the internet for road accidents/delays in the area. I would have called him you see, but someone took my phone to work that morning, so I had no way of letting him know we stayed a bit later and hit a traffic jam on the way home. We threw the oven on and made some broccoli with cheese sauce to go with the fishcakes.

Saturday was a calm morning-no ballet class. We managed to be in town before 11ish, so not too bad. I ended up getting a few things for me from M & S instead of getting Michael anything. We were supposed to get him some work shirts, but will have to order them over the internet in his size. We then went to Millets to look at a rucksack and walking shoes for him-but ended up looking at jackets for me-but the only thing I bought were 6 shirts for the kids-all on sale for under £3 each. We also tried waterproof trousers on for the kids-the waists were huge! Yet another thing we’ll have to order online. Hazel picked out a baby doll for their baby cousin. She’ll be 1 next week. Hazel was determined that that was to be the gift, as she said-‘what else would a baby girl want!’

Have you ever gone to one of those health food shops? Ever notice just how bad the food in there is? One pack of rice crackers had 5 E numbers in it. I thought it was a bit ironic telling the kids how the food in the health food store wasn’t healthy! After we ate our bananas on the high street, we paid a visit to the local butchers. I like the shop, even though we rarely go there. I was in the mood for a fry up-so we got the ingredients for Sunday’s brunch. The kids also got a sausage roll to hold them over till we got home. When we passed the market Michael decided to look at the rucksacks in one of the stalls. Not the best of brands per say-but it’ll do for what he wants-such as lugging the meat around town!

We popped into the local museum which has been shut for ages due to some new fire code regulations. The women told us it might be years before they are fully opened again. Great-the small museum which is good for the kids at their current ages will open again when they won’t want to use it any more. I did manage to get the book from them that I needed for geology class-and the kids did some colouring.

Then we were onto our last stop of the day-the Library. Hazel returned five of her books and decided she wanted to read more of the Pony Pal series as well as Animal Ark. Kieran picked out a few more books as well and then they joined us upstairs. I found a table at the back for them to sit while we browsed. They were so excited when Victoria came along-so they sat and read to her while her dad was browsing. The kids maxed out their cards, while Michael and I were a bit more restrained.

When we got home Michael made us all Paella for dinner. Very delicious! Then we watched Strictly Come Dancing. Kieran is voting for Rachel (because I think he finds her attractive); Hazel voted for Austin (can he get any more muscles?); Michael voted for Cherie (Humph!)—did anyone else notice how superficial my family is?? While I voted for the pure entertainment factor this week-I voted for John Sergeant! I won’t do that next week—it might get a better dancer eliminated-but he has been fun to watch!

After the children went to bed-I decided to break some bad news to Michael. It took
a bit of courage-as I’ve done this before, and he has been patient with me so far-but sometimes it has pushed him a tad too far. Yes-yet again-I wanted to rearrange the house. If any of you have been here before, you know this happens here just a tad too frequently. I don’t have a natural talent for this, it’s my first time living with an open living plan-and it’s hard to keep the clutter to a minimum in a house where the family actually lives in it and uses it. He took it rather well-and after a two hour talk, we knew we’d be busy on Sunday.

Today dawned and luckily it was raining or else we wouldn’t have done the work I wanted to get done. I had to explain to the kids what we were going to be doing. Kieran shed a few tears when he first heard they weren’t having the middle room upstairs for a playroom! So the following changes (mainly for my cousin J’s & my mom’s benefit) were:

1. The kids are going to continue sleeping together in what was once called Kieran’s bedroom. We figure they could easily and happily do that for another couple of years. We moved Hazel’s dresser into the new shared bedroom.
2. Hazel’s old bedroom (the bigger one) would now become the playroom. They would have space for all their toys; they could set up tracks and not worry about being in a walk-way.
3. The middle room upstairs would become our study.
4. The open book shelves in the kitchen were brought up to the study-and most of our books followed. We moved the books from the following criteria upstairs: all the literature, fiction, English lit, History, crafts & hobbies, scientific, geological, walking, travel and Spanish.
5. The couches in the kitchen sitting area were pushed back to the old position-one facing the French doors and one on the back wall (so they make an L shape.) Two corner tables were added.
6. In the kitchen we also put in two bookshelves-the one from the living room and a taller one from the kids old playroom. They are now near the kitchen side entrance door in a step-up position. The little one now holds all of the kid’s fictional books, with room on the lower self for their library books. The larger one has all the cook books, gardening books, nature books, all the child reference books, children’s fiction books that have an educational/nature slant to them and some of the HE books.
7. The TV was brought from the main living room to the kitchen sitting room. Now we can all sit comfortably while watching Strictly.
8. The desk and computer were brought up to the new study as well.
9. The kitchen table was put the opposite way-it goes the same direction as the kitchen counters near the fridge.

That’s what we accomplished today. Do you see how marvellously patient Michael is with me?? Considering we still have to get the big bed out of Hazels old room; rejig the living room furniture; make a few tweaks in the middle downstairs room; buy curtains for all the rooms; find some pictures for the walls; rearrange the kitchen cabinets (that he is 100% in agreement with!); redecorate the kid’s rooms; buy a proper desk and we still have never done our bedroom!

But we managed to get all that done today-with lots of help from the kids. We finished in time to watch the Strictly result show. Michael and I then spent the evening vegging out while we watched the new Dickens drama and then the 1st episode of the new Desperate Housewife series.

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2 Responses to Changes are Afoot (Again)!

  1. tammy says:

    I really don’t plan every meal!!! Last night we all had noodles-simply because I finally found somewhere that carries their fav flavor. Would the kids like to do a book review for the newsletter? I am now on the EO newsletter team as book reveiw co-ordinator and am trying to encourage children to review books. Their book group at your home ed group could even do one. Sounds like you guys have been very busy, I don’t know how you fit it all in.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Oh Tammy I know that–only the Bree’s of the world would plan everymeal! (Of course-if you don’t watch Desperate Housewives, that refrence would be useless!)Hazel is interested-but I think I have to show her a real book review for her to get the idea. We aren’t EO members-does that matter? Email the info, and I’ll bring it to the leader of the book group.

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