Harvest Day

The kids had fun this afternoon harvesting their personal crops. Hazel had planted orange and purple carrots, and Kieran had planted onions. The carrots have done well, with plenty more still to harvest. Kieran’s onions didn’t do too badly considering they were planted very late this year.
I was rather pleased with both of them because as soon as they saw their favourite neighbour, they both offered him some of their produce. He had never seen purple carrots before, so was eager to try one of those. He explained how the birds in the aviary (parrots, etc…) all like carrot leaf, so Hazel promised to bring all of the leaves over to the birds. The least we can do for all the time he spends with the kids. He is a walking encyclopaedia full of information about nature and wildlife-and has always stopped to have a chat with the kids.
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