Portsmouth Harbour, part 2

Today started at 7am– a bit earlier than I would have liked-but for a very fun reason. The kids were too excited to wait any longer to give me my birthday presents. So, not something one can grumble about! One of the funny bits was Hazel had made me a Hama bead butterfly. One I had ironed, when I wasn’t supposed to! I had thought she acted funny when she saw that I’d ironed it! I was also wondering why it was under some paper on her art desk—but never put two and two together! Michael was supposed to iron it for her. She had been working on Christmas ones for presents, and I, uncharacteristically, decided to iron them all the one evening before she had to ask twice. I just assumed it was for someone on her gift list-until I opened it yesterday!

They were of course prompting me as to which present to open first—yes, it was the G & B chocolates. That just might be their favourite gift to give. After I opened all my presents, they brought me breakfast in bed. OK—so that’s an everyday occurrence, but one I always enjoy! I was then granted a lay in till about 10am. Michael found a Harvester Restaurant for us to go to for lunch. I know they’re not the best restaurant in the world-but we do enjoy them. The one closest to us closed years ago, and we do miss it. There aren’t many non-pub family restaurants in our area.

We were supposed to go to a National Trust property near the restaurant, but had decided it was too grey of a day for a garden visit; so we headed to Portsmouth hoping the sun might be out near the coast. We decided to visit the HMS Warrior at the dockyard. We spent about two hours on the ship wandering about. While we were on the deck, two modern Navy ships came into port. It was the first time the kids saw one of them moving—they were very interested in it all. After our wander around we drove to the seafront and went for a couple of walks. We had some lovely chips near the Hovercraft launch area. I think we were all impressed by the speed and noise it made. Kieran was mostly excited because it was heading to the Isle of Wight. Kieran is desperate to go there! I think he really feels he’s going to find some dinosaur bones when he gets there. He actually has his rucksack already packed. No-we haven’t booked a visit over yet!

We left the seafront at about 7pm for the drive home; after never seeing the sun all day! Kieran can ask more questions in an hour drive than most people! The longest gap between one of our answers and his next question was 24 seconds. I was just pleased that he’s actually directing some of them to Michael these days. The other amazing thing about him is how much of my one younger brother is in Kieran. Kieran does sound effects whenever he is describing anything, just like his Uncle. I think Kieran is more animated than my brother—and possibly as accurate as he was. Isn’t it funny how your kids get some of your siblings’ traits? Kieran has only seen my brother for a few days when he was 2, so it isn’t something he is mimicking.

The highlight of the month was my cousin’s doctors declaring her cancer free at the moment! She had to have yet another surgery a couple of weeks ago to try and get the rest of the tumour out—the chemo wasn’t shrinking it. The doctors were very confident after the surgery, and all the tests so far have been negative for any cancers. Fingers crossed it doesn’t come back again.

We had her and the kids, and her new boyfriend round last week. We’re hoping this one works out—Michael & I really like this boyfriend. Nothing worse than someone picking someone no one else likes!

We haven’t been up to too much else the past couple of weeks. The kids and I are doing our usual little visits round interesting places and they have done quite a few workbooks. The kids and I went out to Stonehenge on Thursday to meet up with my sister-in-law and her family. One of her friends from Australia was visiting and they were making a quick tour of the sights down south. My two grumbled that it was Stonehenge, and almost didn’t want to go, even to see Jamie. Then they wanted to leave when they called to say they were stuck in traffic. I think it’s time to explain to these two just how special Stonehenge is; and that Avebury is great, but so is Stonehenge, even though they can’t touch the rocks!

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