I really should blog more regularly! I’ll just do another quick recap of the past few weeks.

The last ten days of July were just spent mostly at home doing home-sort-of-stuff and just going for walks or running local errands. The kids both did some sewing projects. Hazel had gotten a kit awhile back, and we finally made a start on it. I’ve been the one who was daunted by it. She enjoyed it so much she finished all the projects that came with the kit. Kieran of course wanted something to sew, so when we were in Oxford on the 30th I got them each a small hand puppet kit. He started his, the tiger puppet, as soon as we came home, and had it completed after breakfast the next day. Hazel did her monkey puppet all on her own. We’ve been to the Ashmolean again-this time for the make-and-takes. Needless to say-the projects on offer were good—but I think my kids want a mom who is better at crafts. They made clay coil pots-well, we attempted them. They looked dire! Poor Kieran didn’t like it at all and decided to settle for a basic clay snake. Hazel’s pot is full of cracks-so we are pretending we found it in a dig and glued it together.

Michael’s sister and her husband and son, Jamie, came down to this area for the first weekend of August; it was the 1st time since Kieran was 8 months old. They stopped by on the Friday about 7:30pm. I had food ready for everyone, so we had a barbecue and they stayed till just after 10pm. The kids had fun running around with their torches when it got dark. Don’t know how the neighbours felt about the noise, but oh well!

They were going to be at Legoland very early on Saturday-but there was no way I was going to be there before noon. As it was drizzling most of the day, we didn’t get there till about 2pm. The three kids had fun together. The water park was the best bit. Luckily enough I always pack spare clothes as they hadn’t brought Jamie a bathing suit. So once he was changed, they all had fun. On Sunday we headed to the market first thing and then drove out to Windsor Castle to meet them there for the day. We all really enjoyed it again. Hazel spent much of the time studying the paintings in the rooms. We bought the book, so she can look up the information about the few paintings she liked. We had dinner before they headed back up north.
During last week, we had play dates twice with Victoria and Carole. Carole will be having a baby this December-so we are all excited for them. We will be watching Victoria again for her in September and October until her maternity leave starts. We also went round to my cousins for the first time in ages. The kids all played well—and we got to have a good chat.

We drove up north this past Saturday to see Michael’s parents and his grandmother. The kids were just mainly thrilled to spend another day playing with Jamie. It is nice seeing them playing with him-they all have a great laugh together.

We’ve also been watching the Olympics with the kids. They’ve been enjoying it, and it is funny how many of the activities, such as archery and rowing, that they hadn’t seen in action before. But what about that opening ceremony—I don’t think we were alone in thinking that it was pretty spectacular!

And once again—if anyone has any spare sunshine and heat they want to send our way—please do! Quickly!!

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