A Return to Normal Blogging…

will resume after this update. I haven’t blogged properly since my mom left, so I guess I’ll start there-and do as much of it through photos as I can. As it has been almost a month since I’ve typed a proper blog—I’m not going to try and fill in on everything, just a few highlights.

June 26th Birdworld
My cousins and I took the kids to Birdworld. The kids all enjoyed the day. After lunch my cousins left, but we continued on to the petting farm and a bird show—which both children enjoyed. The fun bit was a week later they were watching a TV show, Something Special, and the children in the show were at Birdworld—so my two enjoyed seeing it on TV. And yes Mom—they are each holding a mouse! June 28th Michael’s Parents
Michael’s parents were leaving for a cruise to Norway on the 29th out of Southampton-so actually came and spent a night. As we had the room still set up for my Mom, we asked if they’d want to stay here. That was the first time since Kieran was a babe that they stayed here. The kids enjoyed seeing them-but I think having to say good-bye so soon to another set of Grandparents was a bit tough on them.

June 29th Gardening
We finally started to get the garden and greenhouse in order. I had pretty much put everything on hold for the couple weeks my mom was here. Just a photo of Hazel in her flower patch. She took the photo of her fuchsia—I think it’s a rather good photo.July 8th Avebury
Michael called about 11am to say he was tired of the computer problems at work and felt like taking the afternoon off. That is always greeted with joy around here. I cooked a quick roast chicken with some sweet potato mash and green beans from the garden. We then spent the afternoon in Avebury. We all really enjoy it there. Kieran loves to climb down the large ditch there-and this time he went up the other side. It is quite large and I get nervous watching. Hazel is nervous about the steep slopes, so Michael went with them. Unfortunately, my fear of one of them falling was realized! On the way down from the other side Kieran went too fast and tumbled—you should have seen the look of fear on his face when he realized he was in trouble. Poor kid—and poor me! But he only tumbled a bit-and missed the sheep pats-so all was alright. (And yes–it is July and they are wearing their winter jackets. At least the rain held off-so it was chilly, but dry. Can someone please send us some summer weather?)
July 11th Michael’s Parents
Michael’s parents stopped by for a quick visit on their way home after the cruise. They’ve never been here when Michael was not here—it felt odd. They showed us their photos from the trip—all 702 of them. I uploaded them and put them on a 2 second timer to watch as a slideshow. They left shortly after lunch.

July 12th Latch hook
Hazel finished her latch hook kit Michael brought back from the States. July 13th Friends over
No photos-but had a lovely day with some friends we hardly see anymore. Well, the guys see each other at work; it’s just the women and kids who don’t see enough of each other. Now that Rachel is back at work and the girls in school fulltime-it’s harder to get together. But they had to be the 1st ones over for a barbecue in the new garden. They have been renovating their house over the past few years, so really understand all we’ve been through. Plus-they are great at lending out the decorating tools they have!

July 15th Snelsmore
After dinner we went for a walk/bike ride in the common. The kids rode, we tried to stay up. We went to their favourite trees in the wood-and found a rope swing that someone had set up. The photos don’t due the swing any justice-they were actually quite high above the ground. I’m sure there is tons more to fill in on—but this will have to do!

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