Day 13–A walking they shall go!

The trip to Portsmouth left everyone a bit tired, so another relaxing Sunday. During the morning the kids played on the Jigzone website my step-father introduced them to. They are really enjoying it—Hazel especially likes doing the puzzles when the shapes are cut into bird shapes.

We decided to do a pub-lunch, so to the Fox and Hounds it was. On Sundays here most pubs will do a Sunday Roast—a full roast dinner with a choice between beef, pork, lamb or chicken. The kids had the beef because that’s the only one to come with Yorkshire pudding. They know what they like. Afterwards we took a stroll through one of the commons we like. The kids had their bikes, so they rode while we strolled. We didn’t go too far-but it was nice to be out and about for a bit.

When we got home we had tea and cream cakes on the front porch while the kids rode their bikes and scooters. We pottered round the garden a bit. Hazel and I got a few more flowers planted out. We planted out a few more marigolds to attract hoverflies and to hopefully confuse the carrot flies.

Mom had found a packet of marrowfat peas in a shop for 5p (10cents) and decided to try them out. So she had those cooking for most of the day. As an evening light dinner we had those (basically a mushy pea for those back home) with some large scallops and black and white pudding. I think we’ll make that again—very delicious.

After we ate-to the bird hide they hiked—well they hiked a bit of the way! It wasn’t the hardest walk in the world—but Hazel wanted them to see the bird hide before they left. Michael drove them all to a parking spot close to the hide, but they had to walk the last ¼ of a mile. This was easier than going through the reed beds and across the canal. Unfortunately Hazel reported to me that the path was very overgrown with nettles-and we were to wear jeans on our next visit. She had on peddle pushers and had gotten a scratch.

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