Day 12—Portsmouth Historic Dockyard

After Kieran’s ballet class today we headed to the Portsmouth Historic Dockyard. I hadn’t been there before, so I was looking forward to it. We had a decent drive down-except for the 5 minute blip when I got off the wrong exit. Oh well-the situation was righted in minutes, but not before Kieran got upset. The other blip was that the parking lot was closed-so took us a few minutes to find another one. Anyway-we arrived safe and sound and all together.

We walked to the dockyards and while Michael was getting the tickets (thanks to Tesco vouchers), my Mom and I got us some hot drinks. We all went outside for a windy, but dry picnic. It had rained all night and even in the morning, but it cleared while we were driving—and stayed that way. We decided that the HMS Victory was going to be our 1st destination. I think we all enjoyed the ship. We did the full tour—and the only one to bump their head was my mom. Have I mentioned she isn’t even 5 foot tall? After the tour it was time for Jim’s favourite thing—ice cream. The guys and the kids all had huge cones. Neither child could finish theirs—they actually threw just under half of theirs in the bin.

We then had a visit to the Mary Rose that was salvaged from the Solent in 1982. I was surprised how much of it was intact after being in the water for over 400 years. I’ll be looking forward to going back in a few years when it is dried out and we can see it up close. At the moment it is in a humidity tank being covered in a wax to preserve it. It’ll take about two years for it to dry out before it can go to its new home.

Then we had a wander around the HMS Victory museum. Kieran spent most of his time playing with a pulley system, while Hazel enjoyed some interactive quizzes. She and I did fairly well on some history questions, though neither of us had a clue about the history of the Battle of Trafalgar.

We then had a walk around the shop before heading to a restaurant. We tried one of the Tootsies restaurants, courtesy of Tesco vouchers. It was a fairly good burger—could have used a touch more salt—but other than that I enjoyed it. The only bad/good part was when the waitress dumped Jim’s salad in his lap. Bad for him—but we got 25% off the total bill!

Somehow the kids managed to stay awake on the car ride home—they even managed to play on the swings while we had some tea. So, the kids are fast asleep, I’m finishing this, and the others are watching a football game. Wonder when I should ask what were doing tomorrow?

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