Day 11—Visitors (A no-photo day!)

My Aunt and Uncle were coming over at lunchtime today, so we had an easy morning. The kids and I went to do some food shopping—I was running dangerously low on fruit. Not something you want to do around here! It was also a good diversion—or else they would be waiting around all day till they arrived. They were thrilled to hear Tamsin was coming over again-and were hoping Hannah & Katelyn would be here as well. As it turned out, Hannah had to go to school. Hazel thought that was a shame!

They arrived just before 12:30pm. We all had some tea and then went to a pub for lunch. We went to a local pub I’d never been to—as the one we went to didn’t have room for a table of 10. We drove back to this other pub—and I was pleased to find it was much nicer than I had assumed. We all had a good meal and were rather full when we left. They came back for an hour or so after dinner, so a nice visit.

Michael got home just in time to bring Hazel to ballet. She had a good lesson and when they got back we all had a quick meal of cream cakes! Finally—one more thing crossed of the ‘must eat’ list. Hazel came with my mom and I to a few shops after we ate. My mom wanted to get a few things to bring home, so we set off to get those. I also managed to get a couple of pairs of shoes—hopefully they’ll be comfortable. I just tried one shoe on and grabbed the two pairs and ran. Came home and Hazel had a quick bath and then it was their bedtime, well an hour past bedtime, but what can you do! We grown-ups had a quiet night in.

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