Day 10–London in a Whirlwind!

Kieran came bounding into our bed at just before 6:30am this morning to declare he was well enough to go to London—so to London we went!

This is how to do London in 4 hours:

Catch the 10am train direct to Paddington Station. The train ride in was thrilling for the kids—we haven’t gone into the city on the train in years. The trip to Paddington station was exciting for the kids as they are currently enjoying the Paddington books.

10:50am—Arrive in Paddington Station and make the kids day by saying they could each pick a Paddington bear to bring home at the end of the day. I did specify it was to be a small bear!

11:00am—Leave the station and catch the number 15 bus to Tower Bridge, by passing through Piccadilly Circle, the West End, Trafalgar Square and many other sites. As it was Jims’ first time in London—the bus ride was a bit nerve wracking! But a great way to see the city without going on an open-top bus—which the two of them would have froze on!

11:58am– Pass St. Paul’s Cathedral

12:15pm–Arrive Tower of London and London Bridge. We had a quick sandwich each, and then walked to the Thames. The kids were excited to see Tower Bridge open for the boats. 1:17pm–Jim’s 1st Underground ride to Westminster. Took some photos of the London Eye. It took a couple of us a few minutes to figure out Big Ben was just across the road! 1:50pm–Mandatory tourist photo in front of a red phone box 2:00pm–Walk past Downing Street

2:07pm–Walk to the Horse Guards Parade grounds. Had a nice wander through. Kieran was a bit nervous about a canon, but I suggested he took some photos of it. Seemed to relax him a bit—and he took some good photos.
2:11pm—Hazel spots some hidden steps and an old gate
2:15pm—See Buckingham Palace from the Mall. Ok—we didn’t get very close—but they can see it on TV!! 2:17pm—Pass by Admiralty Arch
2:20pm—Arrive back in Trafalgar Square. The kids have a picture with one of the lions from the ‘Katie’ books!
2:45pm—Leave to go to the Charing Cross Underground to get back to Paddington

3:00pm—Buy kids their Paddington Bears! (Forgot to take photos!)

3:20pm—Board train to head home.

4:20pm—Arrive back to town and go to a local pub for some drinks and crisps!

6:00pm—Fish & Chips with mushy peas for dinner. One more crossed off the ‘must eat’ list.

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