Day 9–Living Rainforest

In preparation for a trip to London on Thursday, we decided on an easy day. So we just had a trip to the Living Rainforest. The kids and I haven’t been there for almost a year now, so we were due a visit. They had fun walking around—and as it was a grey day, it was nice to have Mom & Jim in a warm place. They can’t handle the slightest chill!

They all had fun finding the animals throughout the rainforest. The python was the hardest to spot, along with the Toucan. Kieran spotted the Toucan and I was quick enough to follow him down the trail to see what he was pointing to—but the others missed it. The python was hiding at the back of his enclosure—it took quite a few minutes for Jim to spot him. But I knew he didn’t fib about finally seeing it—as he pointed it out to the next couple to come along. For someone waiting for cataract surgery-he’s not doing too badly. The kids and I had a sandwich in the cafe, and then they all had a treat after we ate. The kids are going to go into treat withdrawal next week! The kids each picked out a pair of socks in the little shop. I knew my mom was going to try and buy them a treat—so I asked them if they wanted the socks as soon as I saw them. My mom still thinks it’s odd I won’t buy them the little yucky plastic toys—but they don’t need them (and never play with them) and neither does the environment. At least they can wear the socks for a year.

When we got home, everyone relaxed for a bit, and Kieran started to complain about a sore tummy. I gave him some Calpol and he and Hazel watched a bit of cbeebies while I laid down for an hour. The kids then decided to go out and play till dinnertime.

We decided to go out for dinner—but as it’s not a norm for us—we took ages to pick a place. The main problem here is most pubs don’t start serving dinner till almost 7pm. We finally found a place that started at 6:30pm, so that’s where we went. As soon as Kieran got in the car he went quiet on us. I could tell he wasn’t well, but he was just running around like a madman for a couple of hours. He didn’t perk up, and as soon as I finished my dinner, I took him home. He only said two words in the car—so another indicator he wasn’t well. He was warm, so I gave him a bath and a bit more Calpol. I told him that if he wasn’t well in the morning, he and I would stay home and not go to London. He assured me he’d be well in the morning, just before he fell asleep in my arms.

The dinner was very nice and was enjoyed by all even Kieran managed to eat what was on his plate! Hazel looked so cute when I left her sitting there with the grown-ups.

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