Day 8–Silchester and Visitors

Michael had the day off today. We were supposed to go to London for the day but we had a change of plans—one of my cousins came over for the afternoon. She brought her little girl and Hannah & Katelyn as Lorraine needed to have her chemo. We didn’t expect them till noon, so Michael took everyone else out in the morning while I stayed behind to do a quick tidy-up. I so don’t like cleaning bathrooms and vacuuming under the feet of my guests.

Michael took the four of them to Silchester to see the church and the Roman amphitheatre.

They also stopped by a local wharf and had a walk along the canal before going food shopping. The kids enjoyed the walk, and I believe the church and amphitheatre were enjoyed by the grown-ups.

At 11:30am I was just about done cleaning when I see Jennifer pulling into the drive. I got caught vacuuming! I must have heard Lorraine wrong, I thought she said she was being dropped off at 11am, not 10am! Oh well-I tried!

We had a nice chat and I got to show her the changes in the house and the garden. Tamsin amused me to no end—she has an appetite to match Hazel and Kieran’s! I love watching kids devour fruit!

My crew didn’t get back till after 12:30—though I said be back at noon. Oh well-gave us more time to chat. The kids had a few settling in problems—they all seemed a bit tired from their busy weeks. It didn’t take too long for everyone to start playing well—I just fed them and Jennifer read a couple of books to all of the kids. They all looked so cute crowded round the couch so they could all see the book.
When they left in the afternoon we all just relaxed and had an easy night.
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