Day 7–Blenheim Palace

Today the kids and I took Mom and Jim to Blenheim Palace. We got there just after 11:30am and had a good time. We took the mandatory photos at the front gate and in the courtyard. Kieran also wanted one of him marching.

We just did the downstairs tour this time. When I first got to the tour area—the lady in charge tried to shoo the kids and I ahead to wander on our own and not with the group—how rude! I have to say Hazel and Kieran were much more interested this time, and our actual tour guide included them in his discussions. Yeah—I so love when the kids do noticeably well in groups. I dislike this attitude that all kids are bad-before they even get to know them. I can’t remember grown-ups being so rude to us when we were kids. (And we probably deserved it!!)

Kieran had remembered the library was one of the largest in the country and mentioned it before we even got into the library. Hazel remembered most things about the rooms—and enjoyed seeing the portrait of Consuela Vanderbilt in the long white dress she liked so much last time. The tour guide and a few people complimented me on how well behaved the kids were—always a happy moment.

We had lunch in the café—the kids were thrilled as they got to have some crisps, some brownie and some of my mom’s scone, as well as a sandwich. Then we wandered around the Water Garden for a bit.
Hazel & Kieran were thrilled that they could go on the train from the palace to the Butterfly Garden. It was running just as we were going-and unlike last time, there wasn’t a queue a mile long to get on it. I drove the car over as the kids had dancing afterwards and we were going to need to leave right after a wander round.

They toured the butterfly garden and then went to the play area. Hazel wasn’t thrilled I wouldn’t let her do the maze, but we really didn’t have much time. Instead they played on the pitch-and-putt course for a bit.

Then we were off to Irish-were they both did well. They had a substitute teacher and only practiced the reel for their class feis.

When we got home Michael had our dinner ready—chicken stir fried rice.

The kids did their Sketch Tuesday Projects first thing in the morning. The theme for this week was Something Hot.

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