Day 5–Clare's Wedding

I decided on a special treat for Hazel for the wedding. As soon as Michael left to take Kieran to ballet, I gave her a manicure. Ok—I tried to give her one! Actually, it did turn out quite well. Not only that—I did her toenails as well. She has been asking for ages to have her nails done-so I thought she’d deserved it for being so patient with me. I don’t like doing things I’m not proficient at-but she sat very still and was patient, and we got a respectable result. She thinks she should start practicing, and that way we can do each others nails! Having a daughter is so much fun!

When the guys got back, Michael cooked some eggs and sausages for everyone. Then it was time to get ready. We left within 10 minutes of the time Michael wanted to leave-so not bad. The women came with me and Jim and Kieran, who was wearing his first tie, went with Michael. We managed to get there a half-hour early—so Michael was thrilled.

It was the first ‘cousin’ event I’ve ever gone to. When we were growing up in the States, they were in S. Africa, another cousin in Denmark (still haven’t met her in person) and the others were home in Ireland—not really an easy way to meet, never mind go to celebrations with each other. We were the only branch of the family not to have cousins from either side of the family living near by.

The kids had a bit of a play before the ceremony with Hannah & Katelyn and our other cousin Tamsin (who I didn’t get a photo of!), who was 3 this year. She moved back to S. Africa a year ago and Hazel & Kieran were so excited to see her again. The ceremony was lovely, and not too long! The bride was radiant—I’m old enough to be her mom—so I was a bit envious of her youth! I hope they’ll be happy-he always seems like such a nice guy. The kids really enjoyed the confetti after the service. I thought this photo was cute–Kieran taking confetti off Katelyns hair. The reception was nice. There was a lovely lawn outside and all the kids had fun running round and playing together. They found a beetle-we think a churchyard beetle or a lesser stag beetle, though this one was bigger than the one in our book. The food was good—and the kids ate very well—much to our table companions awe! They were all very complimentary about the kids’ manners and general behaviour—which is always nice! It was nice to meet some of their cousins on their dad’s side of the family and to see there Nan again. I like when I can put a face to a name.

A nice day had by all. We left just about 9pm as I was nervous driving home in the dark. The kids were still coping with being up late, so I’m glad we left before the day got the better of them.

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2 Responses to Day 5–Clare's Wedding

  1. Jules says:

    Beautiful children and beautiful wedding :o)

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Thank you Jules!

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