Day 4- Stonehenge

I impressed myself immensely by stating I would take them to Stonehenge on my own while Michael went to work. Jim wanted to see it-and I felt Mom deserved a real trip to Stonehenge. We prefer Avebury—so when my Mom was here before—we wouldn’t pay to go into Stonehenge. We just pulled up alongside it while we were driving home from the coast for her to see it. So Jim is privileged as 1. It’s his first trip overseas and 2. I have a National Trust card!

Anyway—I made it. (Obviously—or I wouldn’t be typing this!) We had a very easy drive. Which is a lesson to myself—make Michael take all major roads everywhere so I can find it easily myself. He usually takes every ‘B’ road he can to cross country—they generally all get me confused and car sick. I was surprised how easy it was to find—just needed to take two roads.
I think everyone was pleased by the visit—except the kids. They were moaning because they prefer Avebury and why couldn’t we go there. I tried to explain that that is because everyone seems to know about Stonehenge, while Avebury is so unheard of outside the UK. But explaining the difference to someone and trying to get them to see our side is useless—I’ll have to bring him there so he can make up his own mind. Though we aren’t too sure how much of it he could walk around. (He had a stroke awhile back)

When we got back to the parking area we had a picnic lunch. We were fortunate enough to get one of the few picnic tables there. While we were eating Hazel spotted her first Pied Wagtail bird—she was so thrilled. I was so impressed she knew what it was. She has been reading her bird book lately fairly non-stop, so I guess I shouldn’t have been to surprised. She read just about the whole book to my mom the day before.

We headed home after our late lunch—as Hazel had ballet and I was going to cook real food. I dropped my Mom and Hazel off at ballet while Kieran stayed with Jim. The two of them were working on one of Kieran’s puzzles when I got back. He didn’t think Jim was very good at making puzzles! Poor Jim—he was made to sit facing the puzzle upside down—my son is a bit of a stinker! I came home and prepared a roast chicken with vegetables. I think it’s the first time I ever cooked anything ‘proper’ for Jim before. Luckily enough it was it all came out well.

I then made sure all of our clothes were prepared for Saturday as we had my cousins wedding that day. As most of you know-I’m a nut case. So not only did I get the outfits ready—I had a spare outfit for everyone just in case anything happened while we were at the wedding. I so love being prepared—it’s amazing how much I hated the Girl Scouts!

After the kids went to bed, my Mom and I had a nice chat while we did our nails. It was fun—and nice to go to bed knowing everything was ready—except one treat for Hazel. More about that later!

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