Day 3- Milestones (with new victims)

Yes—another trip to Milestones. The kids really enjoy it and were thrilled to show it off yet again. We headed out at almost 11am, so not the earliest start. The kids have a few favourite parts at Milestones and so we visited all of those. There is an old out door toilet with a mannequin sitting on the toilet—yes, the best part for my two! We wandered round for almost two hours. I love watching the kids play tour guides-it always amazes me how much information they retain. As we weren’t too sure about the weather and how the jet-lag would be I had packed a picnic lunch with the hope of eating that before heading off anywhere else. Luckily enough the rain held off, so we ate outdoors. I think the two from Florida weren’t too keen on that idea—but I wanted them to have a real British experience—making the best of the weather! They were good sports and the kids enjoyed their first picnic with Jim.

The jet lag seemed to be winning so we headed home via the farm shop near Milestones. We like the meat pies from there best, and as it’s on the ‘must-eat’ list, I figured we’d get it over with while in the area. Hazel prefers a chicken pie, so as they had Badgers in the evening they each had an individual pie. We got the award winning beef and Guinness.

I made the kids dinner first and Michael was home just in time to get them to Badgers. When he came back the four of us had our dinner. Jim’s not going to believe I can cook unless I do something proper soon! The kids came home and had a play outdoors for a bit—the excitement and late nights are getting to them a bit!

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