Day 2-Visit around town

We decided to ease everyone into the day and let my mom get unpacked. The kids kept them busy with all their questions and stories they wanted to share. We then went to have lunch and a leisurely walk around the local town. The first stop was to the Cornwall Pasty shop—Jim has never been out of the States before-so all these ‘delicacies’ were new to him, but on mom’s ‘must eat’ list. As it was a bit chilly (for them!) we had lunch there. The kids were in charge of finding a table downstairs, and succeeded. Kieran saved it while Hazel ran up to give me their orders—they wanted sausage rolls. We all enjoyed the lunch and then went shopping.
Jim hadn’t brought a hat so that was our mission. While we were looking for that, we happened to pass the boys clothes section-and Hazel spotted a dress shirt with a tie for Kieran. Now-I am basically against little boys in suits and ties, but he really wanted it and she thought she was amazing to find one for her brother. What’s a mom to do against that? Yes—I bought it, they would have one in his size. After managing to source a hat for Jim we headed to the canal.
We had a lovely walk along the canal. The kids explained how the locks worked and we went to the swing bridge to cross over. As we passed the church we heard some organ music being played, so we went in. The kids really enjoyed that-they were very impressed with the size of the organ and all the pipes. They got a kick out of it when they realized the player could touch a key on the keyboard, and the sound came from across the room.

Before we left town we went to the butchers to pick up something on the ‘must-eat’ list—a pork pie. We had those with some vegetables, so not the unhealthiest dinner in the world.

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