They've arrived!

Michael got home ok on Saturday afternoon—the kids were overjoyed! It actually took Kieran about two hours before he asked if Michael brought them presents. They are now the proud owners of new jump ropes and San Fran t-shirts, a car for Kieran and Hazel got her 1st Latch hook kit. We just had a quite day together, we all just spent the afternoon relaxing and played games with the kids for a bit.

Sunday was a busy day—we had to prepare the bedroom for my mom & step-dad. This was harder than it sounds. Hazel’s bed had to be put into Kieran’s room—no small feat. The kids have midi-bunk beds which meant it had to be taken apart and then put back together. We also cleaned both rooms from top to bottom. The hard part was trying to get all the toys in the one room, and to get all the clothes into one dresser. That wasn’t too hard—they didn’t have any clean clothes! (That was another project going on all day behind the scenes!)

Michael then assembled the new wrought iron king size bed we bought for them to sleep on. It wasn’t just bought for that—I’ve been thinking about getting one—so we’re trying it out to see if we like it. In the end will put whichever frame we like least in the attic for when they come back. We then had to get the new mattress up-fun! The rooms did take up much of the day-but the kids were happy at the end of the day with their new sleeping arrangements, and I was pleased with how Hazel’s room looked for my mom.

The next big project was to get the playroom looking like a playroom—I think we succeeded. The kids are pleased-it’s only a first step—it’ll be changed after Hazel moves back—which won’t be right away. We are going to move in there next so we can demolish our bedroom. It’ll be weird sleeping in her bedroom.

The third major job was for Michael to put the new patio furniture together. Happy to report-we like it. I am always nervous about buying things on the internet-I much prefer seeing things in person.

We actually managed to get some gardening done and all the laundry, including doing all the bedding. Yes—we were a tad tired by bedtime.

So tired in fact, Michael stayed home on Monday! We still had lots to do-and wanted to try and find a hand rail for the stairway—that was an unsuccessful pursuit. We’re going to have to do some more research for that—I don’t want just a regular wood pole from B & Q. The gardening was finished, we spring cleaned the downstairs and Michael cleaned both cars. Michael took the kids to Irish while I cooked us dinner-and that was about it. We finished everything just after 10pm—not too late. I also managed to clear out the laundry cupboard.

Now—in the morning they were arriving at 6:30am at an airport almost 1 ½ hours away—so I felt he needed to get up at 5:30am—he thought 4:30am. That didn’t matter-he was up (which means I was) at 3:30am!!!!!!! Arghh!! He just can’t stand the thought of possibly being late!
He left about 5:30am and I drifted off for an hour-to be woken by Hazel asking when they would be back. Though the plane was on time—it took them 45 minutes to get to the gate, and then another 45 minutes for the luggage to come out. We could have slept till 7am! Double Arghh!!! The kids were getting a bit antsy, so when Michael called to say they were leaving the airport, we went food shopping. The one thing I hadn’t managed to finish.

At almost 11am—they arrived-finally! I thought the kids were going to run to my mom—but no—they hadn’t seen Michael that morning so they were more thrilled to see him!! Poor Mom!—But once they hugged Michael, she and Jim were the centre of their attention.

The three of them were extremely tired, so after everyone had a drink and a small snack, they went to bed and the kids and I went shopping. I needed a few more things for my cousins’ upcoming wedding. I was trying to get everything ahead of time so I didn’t need to be running around on Friday in a panic, which is my normal way to prepare for an outing!

I took the kids to Mothercare as Hazel still needed some white sandals and Kieran needed an outfit. I just wanted to get him a pair of shorts and a dress shirt-I so don’t like little boys in suits. We found exactly those two things, and a few more! Hazel got some shorts and trousers and some tops, Kieran got three shirts, 2 shorts and a short set.

Then it was my turn to shop. They were patient and let me try a few things on-then I decided I was just going to grab things and try them on at home—they were wanting to get back (and I was taking awhile). I paid for everything, but hadn’t found a skirt I liked. Just after I put my pin number in the payment machine, I spy a skirt I like. Never fails to happen! Michael called just at that moment to say he was the only one up, so I decided to get a few things at the supermarket I had forgotten in the morning.

When we got home everyone was awake—and the kids dominated their attention all afternoon. As it was sunny, we had a small barbecue and ate outside. The kids made potato salad for dinner—Hazel did all the seasoning by herself and Kieran cut up all the potatoes.

Michael suggested we go the lake after dinner to brush the cobwebs off everyone. It was lovely and sunny, so off to feed the ducks. The kids showed them how they do the zip-wire and had fun in the play park for about a half-hour. It was an early night all round—I so don’t like being woken at 3:30am!!

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