Gardening girl-her, not me

I have to say—this gardening malarkey is hard work. Especially for an impatient person, who can’t make up her own mind! I take ages to make decisions-I know this, it’s a major flaw. Now, knowing this about oneself-you would have thought I would have started planning what I want to grow and where I wanted it—about two years ago when we started to redo the back garden. (I mean-when I made Michael start digging it out and terracing it, because that’s what I wanted. He must love me!) We had a good year delay waiting for the builders—most people would have used the extra year to spend more time planning the planting and reading up on what needs what. Not I—see how that played right into the wonderful procrastinating skills I have. At least I use those well!

So-I have spent most of the week trying to rectify the situation. Luckily enough the BBC forecasts have been wrong all week and we’ve had sunny days to get out and get things done.

We have accomplished:

Planted out items were the courgettes, dwarf French beans, corn, squash, spinach, lettuce leaf and little gem lettuce, 30 sweet peas, and about 40 flower plants.

Re-potted items: dwarf sunflowers, 3 variety of flowers for Hazels bed, sage, mint, dahlias

Sown items: garden & petit peas, climbing French beans, more dwarf French beans, corn, purple carrots, orange carrots, onions (Yes—I know very late!), parsnips, swede

We’ve also weeded all the beds, deadheaded plants, managed not to kill anything in the greenhouse, swept the three patios, I read up on some gardening facts, we’ve watered plants—and we are no where near being done! And there still isn’t enough colour in the garden for me. I wouldn’t mind so much if my mom wasn’t coming this week—I just wish the garden was a bit more ‘full’ and colourful for her visit. Next time I’ll have her come in August.

So what do I do today while Hazel is at ballet? I buy her more flowers at the local market. They were for the playhouse garden—which is going to be one hodgepodge of flowers. Much to Hazel’s delight—I could put 50 varieties and colours and she’d be thrilled. I bought her some daisy’s (her favourite), some alyssum for ground cover and some flowers which I have no idea what they’re called. They are very pretty-I just got a pink, a purple and a white one for her. She thinks they’re pretty-so we’ll call them ‘pretty’ till we find out what they are. (Might be a variety of dahlia—just have to check) Right after dinner she wanted to get them planted-I dug the holes, she planted them and Kieran watered the garden. Still don’t feel we’ll have a ‘wow’ impact for awhile yet—but hopefully it won’t seem too dull.

I have to say—Hazel has been a huge help with all the gardening. Sometimes it was ‘begged’ help on my part-but most was voluntary. She is getting quite adept at it—she’ll be telling me how to do everything next year. She planted a pot of purple carrots for her to tend, and was promised another pot to plant when these ones become seedlings. Kieran planted the onions, and has two pots of his own to tend to. I have no idea why—but they’re the only thing he wanted to plant this year and last year.

So other than trying to get everything done-what else have we done? You would have thought that making the house spotless for visitors would have been high on our list—but by the wrecked look of the place you would be right in assuming it’s been put on the back burner due to all the gardening. I’ve managed to make a right tip of the place. I’m trying to relocate all of the kid’s books to the shelves downstairs-which of course meant sorting out all the books and doing a clearout while I’m rearranging. We brought a huge bag to the charity shop today, have some to put away for prosperity, some for our niece and some to sell. Yet-I still have books all over the living room and in the kitchen. The day I can do a sort out without causing all the extra work will be the day!

I managed to squeeze in some more online shopping—I had an uncontrollable urge to buy more books this week—wonder why? I placed a fairly large order with Amazon—and they were all for me. Yippee! I’ve only received two items this week-I think there are 6 more on order—I ordered so much I have no idea what I ordered!

I have also managed to give the kids a cooked meal all week for lunch-so no more cheese and cucumber sandwich complaints this week. They’ll be begging for one soon. We got to gym class, Badgers and Hazel to ballet. They got their second Badger badge—just in time for my mom to sew them on. Wait till she sees the pile of mending for their dolls she has to do—she’ll be kicking herself for not letting me learn to sew.

Hopefully I’ll find the strength to get Kieran to ballet by 9am in the morning. Gosh, I miss Michael!! After ballet I’ll have to manage not to get annoyed with the ‘when will Daddy be home’ questions that I’ll be barraged with tomorrow. Of course I have already lied and said it’ll be after dinner to hopefully put off some of the questioning till after lunch.

Now I’m off to find something for us all to wear tomorrow and get it ironed while waiting for my call from Michael to let me know he’s at the airport.

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