Delivery Day

We volunteered to watch Victoria for the day while Carole had a work function to attend. The kids looked forward to it all week. So did I for that matter! I think we’ll have to volunteer again in September-even if it’s a day a month, we do enjoy having her round.

As soon as she came over, the kids all took off upstairs for the morning. I watched the Apprentice, The final Five on the BBCI player while they were upstairs. It was on the night before at about 11pm—too late these days for me. I like that programme—it’s the first time you learn more about the contestants. I don’t have a favourite this year, nor can I predict who’d win, but I’m still enjoying it.

Michael and I had ordered some patio furniture and a guest bed last week, so knowing we were having Victoria today, we scheduled all the arrivals for today. I was thrilled that everything arrived-normally I don’t have the best of luck with deliveries. The kitchen is now filled with 6 large boxes till Michael gets home.

It was a good day to be house bound-as it rained all day. The BBC weather system has been wrong for our area everyday so far this week. I don’t get how they can keep a ‘sunny’ sign up all day while it was raining non-stop all day.

The kids were downstairs colouring when I started to get lunch ready. As soon as I opened the fridge door-my two start complaining about cheese sandwiches! I wasn’t even going to make some-but they were nagging from the second I opened the door. I haven’t made them any in over a week—when they first revolted, and they are still complaining about them. Made me want to make some!! They had sausages and carrots instead. I wonder when they’ll stop complaining about them.

When Carole came back we had a visit for about an hour or so before they left. My two watched Springwatch and I read some gardening books for a bit before I got dinner ready.

I made the bad decision to clean their rooms just after dinner. I think we were all a bit tired and it wasn’t the best time for it—but it did need to get done. We took all the kids books downstairs—they are still all over the living room for me to sort them out. I finally got out of Kieran’s room all the things Michael and I dumped in there before the carpets were laid. We managed to tidy both rooms with only a few skirmishes! Kieran didn’t want to help bring the books down and had a bit of a stomp around, Hazel was a bit teary about the whole process—I think she was just over tired, as she generally loves to tidy and clean up. It wasn’t the greatest evening, but we managed to get calm and have a relaxing bedtime. It was nice to see Kieran’s floor again when I went to put him to bed.

I came down and made myself a well deserved cup of tea. I enjoyed two historical cooking shows on the BBC4. It’s not often you learn about the history of cooks, so I enjoyed those. Then I started to sort out the kids books—I didn’t even get half-way though. Oh well-tomorrow’s another day!

I had heard Kieran getting out of bed earlier, but he didn’t come downstairs. I had assumed he just went to the toilet. When I went to check on them, he was in with Hazel. They do look so cute like that!

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