Gutsy girl

The kids and I have been having a fairly quiet week so far. After Michael left on Saturday morning and they had their little cry fest, we pottered around for a bit. I then suggested in the early afternoon we play a game—so can tick that off my 101 list for this week. We ended up playing a simple Snail Game, and then a game of Frustration/Trouble. Kieran surprised me by wanting to play Frustration-and by finishing the game. He usually gets tired of it half way thru, but he continued. We play till all the players get home-he was last place but didn’t fuss once. Hopefully he’s outgrown a bit of his bad sportsmanship before it took too strong a hold on him. Maybe one day I’ll outgrow mine.

I had a very long conversation with a friend on the phone in the afternoon—without one interruption from the kids. I can’t quite remember anything else really-I know I did some laundry, swept the back patio and a tad of gardening and the kids shouted over the garden fences to the kids, and they cooked up a storm in their playhouse. Hazel watered the plants in the greenhouse-which I had to talk to her about. She has been watering them constantly—so they are either going to die from my neglect or her over-care!

Forgot to mention that not only are they chatting away to Jenna-but the two older boys who are two houses away have also been caught up in the games. They are about 9 & 12 now. The boys jump on the trampoline and my two hide before they come back up to spot them. They have even played I spy with the younger one for over an hour one night. It’s nice to see them all saying more than just hello to each other. Though they are just two houses away-due to the fencing everywhere here it’s not so easy to run to each others back gardens. To get to Jenna’s they’d have to walk along the main road to the side road and then about 3 tenths of a mile to her door-even though her garden is at the back of ours.

Sunday was a drizzly day when we woke up. The local Farmers Market was that day-but I had no desire to go out in the rain. But before I’d finished my morning tea (which I have to make for myself all week! I am spoiled!), the rain had stopped, and so we dashed around and headed to the market. We did quiet well-and got a few things just because Michael was away! We like the quiche there-Michael doesn’t, so we bought quiche and apple tarts for lunch. I managed to get enough meat for the two weeks and some eggs and juice, and managed to get it all back to the car. Just wish the kids would walk faster when I’m carrying heavy things. You know—like they usually walk when you’re trying to keep up with them, not while you’re lugging heavy bags!

After the market we went to the canal shop for some tea cakes and some tea for me. We haven’t been there in a month and were surprised to see they’d rearranged the whole place. I’m not sure what prompted them to do it after all this time, but felt odd walking into our ‘usual place’ and it being so changed. So we had a chat with a few of the people there and headed off to Waitrose for everything else we needed. By the time we got home we were all ready to eat the quiche. They had a nice chat with Michael on the phone—all of about two minutes each. Why is it that they fuss about missing him, ask me what he’s doing all day, counting the minutes till he gets back, tells everyone we meet where he is-but when he calls they haven’t much to say?

We then spent the afternoon and evening in the garden. Hazel helped me so much. We weeded a few beds, planted out some corn, squash, French beans and two varieties of peas. She was good about helping to mark out the lanes and covering up all the plants with soil. We also managed to get about 20 flowers planted as well. We have seen up to 4 bumble bees at a time in the garden-so hopefully more flowers will bring more beneficial insects around. Have you ever known anyone who was as allergic to bees as I am, actively encouraging them to the garden?? I also managed to fill quite a few pots on the front porch with compost for salad leaves, etc. Just need to get them planted!

Today was spent on medical appointments for me. We were supposed to go to a planetarium, but I needed to see the doctor. The kids were good and stayed in the lobby for me. We spent about an hour there and about an hour at the hospital for some blood tests. While we were waiting for the blood tests I managed to buy two books by foreign authors for my 101 list, for 50p each.

Have to say—the blood test was a great appointment. When we finally got into have my blood drawn, the kids were asked by the phlebotomist if they had a day off school-to which they replied they didn’t go. Her reaction was priceless—she exclaimed ‘Well aren’t you two very lucky!’ She immediately just went on to explain the whole procedure to them and made sure they could see exactly what she was doing the whole time. She even asked if they had any questions. She got it!!! She never once ‘dumbed’ down her speech to them, she never asked if she should explain or talk to them-she just did it. I’ll ask for her next time I need a blood test!

We didn’t get home till just about lunch time. We had a quick lunch and a chat with Michael. Then we all brushed our teeth and headed to the dentist. A clean bill of health for all-yeah!

Then home for a quick rest for me and a large snack for them before Irish class. Came home and made a quick pasta dish and then had a quiet evening. We started to read A Bear Called Paddington—much to Kieran’s displeasure. It didn’t have any pictures and he wasn’t having it! Well-it was a battle of wills at that point. The worst thing is-when he gets like this I get angry with him-but I’m constantly on the verge of laughing any time I look at him-and he knows it! He has such an impish smile when he’s being naughty-and he uses it well!

Which reminds me-Hazel can be a bit contrary to anything I say-which is just her way and only occurs once in awhile. One night last week at dinner she was being contrary-saying she wasn’t ‘keen’ on the meal. It wasn’t that she didn’t like it- we knew she would like it. But we had raved about it-so she wasn’t going to like it. She was just annoyed we’d had it once without her—she so doesn’t like when we do anything without her. So, I knew this was what she was doing. After a while with her picking at her meal I just pulled her seat out and told her to go to her room—she just stood up and crossed her arms and shouted (extremely rare for Hazel), ‘No, mommy, no!!!!’ I had to hold on tight to the table to not burst out into laughter. I couldn’t look at Michael! It was so hard to keep a straight face! I love that she can do that—I would have been terrified to do that—I would have been in my room for a month if I did that! My mom was the queen of banishment—which could have been a lot worse back then-so we were lucky-but we just wouldn’t have done that! Hazel was told the choice was hers, sit and eat or go to her room (Hazel’s one fear!)-she sat and ate. I would never give them something they didn’t like-I wouldn’t make them eat or try anything they didn’t want to—but don’t fuss because you just don’t happen to be ‘keen’ on it. But talk about a gutsy girl! It’s not something she has needed to do often in life-but on the few times she has-she has stood her ground, and kept it. And I try not to laugh and shout how proud I am of her little defiance’s!

Forgot to add their Sketch Tuesday drawings. The theme this week was ‘keys’.

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