101 Things to do in 1001 Days

I first came across this project on Sarah’s very inspirational blog a few months ago. It was originated by Michael Green at Day Zero to challenge people to set and achieve their goals.

I thought it was a great idea-but as usual didn’t act upon it. I had even suggested it to Hannah, who acted upon it within days of hearing about it! So good-luck to Hannah as well!

I am a terrible goal setter who has always put every task off to the last possible minute, if not till after it was due. I always want to learn new things or try new things-but have always managed to put it off for ‘another day’. So instead of thinking about what I’d like to do-I’m going to try and get them done. I have probably spent more time coming up with the list than I should have-but I wanted it to be mostly attainable, knowing my failure rate at getting things done within a specified time limit.

I think it’s time to put a halt to my procrastination. I realize I’m setting a terrible example for the kids-so hopefully this will help to set that example right. I would like to teach them the value of goal setting and achieving what they want, instead of just thinking about it. So here I go!

My 101 Things to Do in 1001 Days:
Begins Thursday, 29th May 2008 and ends Thursday, 24th February 2011

The Mission:Complete 101 preset tasks in a period of 1001 days.The Criteria:Tasks must be specific (ie. no ambiguity in the wording) with a result that is either measurable or clearly defined. Tasks must also be realistic and stretching (ie. represent some amount of work on my part).

1. Start a journal for this list
2. Learn to knit one item
3. Finish crocheting Hazels doll blanket
4. Learn to read a crochet pattern
5. Make a new crochet item
6. Try calligraphy
7. Buy new Digital camera
8. Learn to use camera**
9. Sew a skirt
10. Sew an apron
11. Finish cross stitch project started last year
12. Do cross stitch kit I bought 2 years ago
13. Learn a few basic sketching techniques
14. Learn to draw flowers
15. Learn to draw birds
16. Learn more about the moon
17. Create a web-site

18. Read all the unread novels I’ve bought (list to be compiled yet!)
19. Read 6 foreign novels (0/6)
20. Read 1 fiction and 1 non-fiction book per month (0/36) (0/36)

Family Fun:
21. Geocahing, attempt 5 (0/5)
22. Learn to read an OS map and use GPS
23. Teach the kids to read maps
24. Play one board game a week
25. Explore the local outdoor areas more

26. Go to Dublin
27. Visit 15 new National Trust sites (0/15)
28. Beach Island holiday
29. Visit the Peak District
30. Visit the Space Museum
31. Visit the British Museum
32. Visit Warwick Castle
33. Trip to Cornwall
34. Eat out in a Thai, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Greek and Italian Restaurants (0/7)

Art Awareness:
35. Attend 6 musical programmes (0/6)
36. Visit an Art Gallery
37. Study/listen to three composers (0/3)
38. Watch 3 Foreign films a year (0/9)

Family Learning:
39. Basic-intermediate Spanish
40. Basic French
41. Learn about 5 native trees (0/5)
42. Learn about 5 native wild flowers (0/5)
43. Learn about 5 native garden birds (0/5)

Family History:
44. Organize family photos to date
45. Scan photos for safe keeping
46. Put photos to keep in albums
47. File negatives with labels/dates
48. Print photos
49. Frame photos
50. Organize our family videos
51. Copy videos to disc
52. Write how we met for the kids
53. Write Hazel’s birth story and bio to date
54. Write Kieran’s birth story and bio to date
55. Encourage H & K to start journals
56. Make scrap book of a family vacation with kids
57. Keep blog up to-date, no more than 2 weeks between posts
58. Organize my dads family photos
59. Give appropriate copies to siblings
60. Try and get all my great-grandparents names (0/8)

61. Do 1 non-holiday craft a month with them (0/36)
62. Encourage them to continue Sketching
63. Swimming lessons
64. Be more diligent with our RSPB surveys
65. Sign Hazel up for embroidery
66. Do Hazel’s sewing kit with her
67. Teach Hazel how to do her pottery kit
68. Help Hazel finish her Family History Book
69. Let Kieran build his metal kit
70. Teach the kids 10 recipes each, of their choosing H (0/10) K (0/10)
71. Encourage Hazel to write her songs down

Domestic Goddess:***
72. Organize recipe books
73. Organize our recipes into a book
74. Make one new dish a month (0/36)
75. Use more pulses
76. Make a quiche
77. Bake a traditional Christmas cake
78. Make a steamed pudding
79. Make a meat-pie
80. Bake a Carrot cake
81. Master making pastries
82. Make a Gingerbread house for Christmas
83. Make Jam
84. Preserve herbs for the winter
85. Preserve some vegetables
86. Re-organize Kitchen cupboards
87. Find some new dishes/glassware
88. Find prints/decorations for some blank walls

89. Design the final back-garden layout
90. Design the front garden layout
91. Keep a weekly gardening journal
92. Buy two pear trees
93. Plan vegetables to grow by January and have seeds planted on time
94. Incorporate more herbs into the garden
95. Plant more edible fruits, possibly a nut tree
96. Plan a rotation schedule
97. Read some of the gardening books

98. Re-do the master bedroom
99. Re-decorate the kids room
100. Create an office in the downstairs living space
101. Have shelves built in the kitchen’s living room

Just a few notes:
*1. I want to be crafty, but am basically hopeless. I only know one crochet stitch-and just repeat it over and over again! 2. Though my mom is a seamstress, I know not how to sew! 3. I did knit one top 25 years ago with my grandmother standing over my shoulder-this was because she was disgusted I couldn’t sew a button on for her when she didn’t have her glasses one day!

**2. I never read manuals or do any proper research! I haven’t explored all the options on my current cameras! I haven’t properly read up on gardening-I glimpse at the facts, watch Gardeners World and hope for the best!

***3. The first meal I made for Michael was toast-so I’ve come along way-but there is so much more to learn!

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