My new career-Spendaholic!

Looking back over my diary for the past week or so looking to find something worth blogging about, I noticed a worrying pattern. I have become a shopper! Or should I say purchaser, as some of it was done on the internet? I was going to blame it on the garden, as most of it has been for the garden. But that would be a bit unfair to the garden! So from looking over the receipts, I think I’ll have to blame it on becoming a gardener—and as I’m impatient, I’m spending a fortune to get some colour into the new beds. I’ve also been spending some money on a bit of pampering—which could really be considered a necessity to halt the onslaught of age. Either way—I’ve done more spending in the past week then I normally would do in a six month period of time. See if you spot the pattern!

Last Tuesday we had Carole and Victoria over for the first time in ages. It was fun to see them again. Victoria’s speech is coming on very well and she looked so grown-up. She had taken on Kieran’s little habit of always saying ‘excuse me’ when she wanted to tell you something. I thought it would have stopped when she wasn’t round very often-but it hasn’t. She has the little ones in her class saying it all the time as well. My Kieran-a trend setter! After they left in the afternoon we went to Sainsbury’s to do some grocery shopping. Some spending, but a necessity.

Wednesday was our quiet and cheapest day! We stayed home and pottered in the garden. The kids helped me to weed the flower bed near their playhouse and the potato patch. Then Hazel and I planted some of the flowers for her patch. I prefer purples and yellows, but gave into her preferences-and bought her pinks. I did try to get some whites and purples to blend in with my colours—she approved a few! They had gym class in the afternoon, and we spent the rest of the evening gardening.

On Thursday we were supposed to have some friends over, but we rescheduled to later this week. Having been in the garden on Wednesday, I noticed I ‘needed’ a few things-so off to the garden centre we went. Ok-so it was two garden centres-but what can one do? We had a trolley full of flowers and while I was looking at some more flowers, the woman beside me said ‘the longer I stay here, the more I want.’ I heartily agreed with her! I was happy that she liked my trolley selection-I think it was easy to see what colours I liked! We also bought more herbs—as I’m impatient and can’t wait for mine to get going! Actually-I have some in the front garden that were looking a bit old-so I wanted to replace them and have a full border by the weekend, and not the end of the summer! Yes—the impatience is going to have to be controlled! When we came home we put the plants in the sections of the garden where they were to be planted. Then we headed to another centre to get some large pots. I needed one more large pot for one of the apple trees. When we came home we did a bit of planting and then I made them a quick dinner before Badgers.

I wasn’t sure what time Michael was going to get in-so I got ready to take the kids if he didn’t get home on time. As I was ready, I had decided I’d go anyway with Michael and he and I could have a quick drink or dinner in the pub nearby. He drove up just as I was locking the door and asked if I wanted to go to the pub with him! Our first ‘date’ while the kids were at an activity. The food wasn’t the best, but the company was!

When the kids went to bed I continued being a manic spender! I spent the evening on Amazon picking books out for the kids. I wanted to have them delivered to my mom so she could bring them over, and I wouldn’t have to pay for postage. I was a bit hesitant when I saw my total purchases—I forgot it wasn’t in pounds (£)! When I saw how much it was in pounds- I almost went and ordered more!!

Friday also turned out to be a day of shopping! Yes—the garden centre did feature in our outings! Only because I needed to go get some moth traps for the plum trees. I thought I had gotten the right things the day before-but hadn’t. The trees are on our boundary with the neighbours. They planted them years ago on what is technically our border—most of the fruiting takes place on our side-so we enjoy lots of free plums! Well-we would if we could keep the moths at bay. So I had a chat with them in the morning that I would get the traps this year if they hadn’t already gotten them. They were pleased that I offered, which was nice. I really wanted to do it because he generally puts up one trap for three trees-and I wanted a trap or two per tree. I want enough plums to try and make some jam. To be neighbourly I also bought some refills for his apple tree. He shares them with us as well-so a small gift in return for plenty of cooking apples.

After the garden centre we went to look for a bed for when my mom comes. We weren’t too sure what we wanted-so I worked out a route to visit all the bed-shops on the way to the retail park. I wanted to get some new tops for myself so that was the destination to get to. As it was almost 1pm when we got to the retail park, we treated ourselves to lunch at Pizza Hut, before I marched them round all the shops. I do miss eating out for lunch-so I enjoyed it as much as the kids did. When we got home we spent some time chatting with the neighbours before we needed to drop Hazel off at ballet. Kieran and I had a nice cuddle time when we got home. We haven’t done that in ages-usually I run around getting dinner ready-but decided to just spend time with him.

We decided that evening that we were just going to order a new king size mattress as we need one anyway, and just to buy a ‘cheap’ king size bed frame we can sell on. So my Mom and Jim will have a bed for the visit, and we will have a much needed new mattress after they leave. This also means I don’t have to buy bedding I won’t need after the visit. We spent the evening searching the internet for these two items-and ordered both.

I had to watch Jonathan Ross on Friday night-his guest were going to be the Osmond’s and Neil Diamond—yes I’m old! I had posters of Donny hanging on my bedroom wall-but who didn’t?

Saturday was going to be the loveliest day of the long weekend so we decided to spend it in the garden. I started working on replanting the bed along the front porch and Michael started to dig a temporary flower bed near the new front wall. I had some chrysanthemums in pots that I wanted to plant, so I could use the pots for vegetables over the summer. While he was digging, our neighbour brought me some plants he had potted up and wanted to know if I wanted some for the new bed. I was so thrilled! I said yes to a bunch of flowers-some I have no idea what they are-but I got about 20 plants! He knows I like yellow and purples-so there weren’t any pinks in the bunch. They ended up coming round for a chat and to see the back garden-I keep forgetting they can’t actually see it from their windows!

The day was spent mostly gardening. I had made something for our lunch the day before-so that didn’t need much time spent on it. Michael made a marinade for some ribs for dinner, so we cooked them slowly in the afternoon so we could spend as much time gardening before the rain. The kids helped me make a new potato salad—Hazel really likes potato salad! There is nothing worse then wanting to work on the garden and having to stop to make meals-so these no-fuss meals helped the day go smoothly.

We finally got the kids bikes out of the shed. They hadn’t ridden them since the week they learned to ride without the stabilizers/training-wheels. Kieran had a bit of a wobble and got upset he couldn’t do it right away. I sent him in to calm down for a little while-Hazel read him a few stories to help him feel better! They came back outside about 20 minutes later and he accepted some help to get started-and was riding on his own in no time. The neighbours lavished praise on them-and said it was nice not to have to listen to the stabilizers on the drive!

Sunday we went to a friend of Michael’s 40th birthday party. The kids were really excited-as they hardly get to see anyone Michael works with. There were a few other children there-it took them all about 20 minutes to warm up to each other and they were off playing the whole afternoon. I’m surprised there was any food left with the amount of times my two went to get something to eat! I don’t think they’d run around that much in ages. They ended up rolling down the grass hill in the front garden—they had a great time and looked like they had been rolling on the wet grass!

On our way home we stopped off at a Chinese restaurant for dinner. We’ve never taken the kids to one here before-just to one in the States. They were a bit upset there weren’t any fortune cookies, but liked the chopsticks! Hazel mastered them before I did! Kieran helped Michael eat all the spicy dishes—he’ll be eating a Vindaloo before I know it!

Monday was a rainy day, so we decided to take it easy. We went and looked at some garden furniture. We need a table for our porch outside the kitchen as I moved our old table up to the new patio. I had wanted a rectangular table for the porch, so it was a good time to get one. We also need a new bench for the front porch. We ended up ordering a table online, and have to wait for the bench we chose to come back in stock.

The kids did their Sketch Tuesday project. The theme was ‘Something that Swims’. Hazel wanted to do a whale-so I found a site on the internet with a ‘how-to-draw’ a whale-and I think she did a great job.
I had totally forgotten that Springwatch had started on Cbeebies that day till after it had aired. Michael got it on the BBCI Player for them-so they didn’t miss it. Yeah! They really enjoy the show—though I’m annoyed that once again the BBC is repeating the programmes from last year. I wish they wouldn’t insult the kid’s intelligence that they wouldn’t be able to remember the show from last year.

Tuesday was a day of pampering! The three of us had our hair done. We cut Hazel’s hair up to her shoulders and gave Kieran an all over tidy up. I like his hair a bit longer, and I like hers a bit shorter. I had always kept her hair that length until she wanted to grow it longer. She wanted it shorter this time-and I was happy to oblige! I had my colour touched up and took almost another two inches off. The kids have fun at the salon, and once again their behaviour was remarked upon by everyone. When two more kids came in and started to run amuck and fuss-I could see why they were shocked by my two!

After that I headed to a beauty counter. I know-not one of my usual shopping destinations, nor even a yearly one for me! I had a consult for some skin products—as I said-time to fight the aging monster! I really needed a good moisturiser with some SPF protection greater than 15—I managed to get a 40SPF. We also managed to get the kids some tee-shirts from Millets; shoes for me; and a much needed padded envelope to mail back ‘Mavis’ to Tammy. It’s one of those things I always remember when I’m not near a shop!

And today started with yet another pampering session—I had a pedicure! So it was back to the salon for us. Everyone just greeted the kids so nicely. They coloured a few pictures and I could hear them chatting away with the workers. I have never had a pedicure before—what a treat! Just glad I remembered to bring some flip-flops for when it was done. I was glad it had stopped raining by then!

What did we do after that? Yes-we went shopping! The kids are going to a pirate sing-along show this week and Hazel doesn’t have a pirate costume-which the ticket says to come dressed as a pirate. So we needed to find one. We managed to get her a pirate skirt outfit-she looks really cute in it. We decided that Kieran’s old pirate costume should be retired-so he got a new one as well. They wore them all day! We made a quick stop at the garden centre— I just needed (wanted) a few more herbs. When we got home I made lunch-which was greeted by the loving comments-of ‘oh no—not that again!!!!’ I really need to come up with something different for lunch or I’m going to have a revolt on my hands!

So as I’m sure you can tell—I might be becoming a spendaholic! When the best way to keep track of your daily activities is Quicken—you have a problem!

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