Recital Number 2

The kids and I went to another recital today. It was a cello and piano duet. On the way to our seats we ran into one of the kids Monkey Music teachers. She was glad to see that they are still enjoying different forms of music. She was there with one of her daughters and her classmates-all whom are budding cellists. My two were more interested in telling her about the circus they went to rather than the other concert. The two of them even chatted to the ticket woman about the circus! There I am trying to give them some culture and they enthuse about a clown and a bear!

Once again a few of the older people looked a bit surprised to see me with two little ones. The kids enjoyed the performance. The duet played the following pieces: Faure’s Elegie, Hyde’s Winter Music, Brahms’ Sonata in E minor, and Cassado’s Requiebros. Thomas Hyde the composer of Winter Music was there and gave a small intro to the piece. Just think-I might have seen a soon-to-be-famous person!

When we were in the lobby putting our sweaters on after the show an older couple came up to me. They said they were glad they caught up with us because she wanted to compliment me for having two so well behaved children. She said she would never have brought her own children to any form of concert and she thought it was great to see that it could be done. They do make me proud!

After the concert we came home for a late lunch and then they played and I worked on a project. I’m trying to compile a list for a challenge I’m going to try—if I ever finish the list! Then we headed off to dancing class. I had made the kids a hot meal for lunch and had left some sandwiches in the fridge for their dinner. Michael was going to be home a bit late so he and I were going to eat after the kids went to bed.

When the kids finished their dinner they worked on their Sketch Tuesday projects. The theme this week was ‘Telephone’. I spent some time showing the kids pictures of phones from the oldest to the most modern. This is what they learned. Don’t ask me what Kieran is trying to achieve! And yes–there is a third one–I told you I couldn’t draw!
Then they ran out back to chat through the fence with their newest acquaintance. They have finally met Jenna-whose garden backs up to the bottom left side of ours, right next to the kids swing set. Now, we have lived here all their lives, and so has Jenna-who is almost a year older than Hazel. The kids have known she was there, but paid no attention until this past week. I have chatted with her mom in the past over the fence, and Michael has done so with the dad, but only in a very casual ‘hello’ sort of way. What can you do with a 6’ fence between you?

So a few days ago Jenna decided to initiate contact. She went next to the fence when the kids were on the glider and she started blowing bubbles over the fence. My two took the bait and in no time they were chatting. They have had spider hunts—all searching for one and running back to the fence with their finds. I wonder how long they’ll be happy with chatting through the fence. (I was never keen on the mom-she was/is always talking to her daughter in a ‘rough’ manner—not what I want my two around. I’ve personally been dreading this ‘meeting’!)

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