Is it really May?

How can April be over? The year just seems to be flying by. We have even dropped three of the kids classes this year, and even though I feel like things have slowed down-the time hasn’t. Oh well- hopefully we’re putting it to good use.

This week has been fairly quiet. Monday the kids and I stayed home. I caught up on the weekend laundry-as fun as ever! The kids worked on their Sketch Tuesday pictures. The assignment this week was to use an umbrella in a drawing. Tuesday we had our appointments to get our hair done. Only about three months overdue for Hazel and I. Kieran had a tidy up from the massacre at the barbers last month. I’ve decided he’s going to a stylist from now on—I want his hair a bit longer and don’t want to have to wait for those buzz cuts to grow out every few months.

Hazel loves the hairdressers. What six-year-old wouldn’t-especially when her silly mom let’s her have the full treatment-hair wash and all! She, like me, loves having her hair washed-I find it very relaxing. Hazel wanted it a bit shorter, but was happy with keeping it just below her shoulders. It is fun seeing her enjoy it so much. My hair looks ten times more presentable and all the offending greys are hidden for a bit longer. I even booked a follow up appointment so that it doesn’t get to about five months before I book another appointment.

After the hairdressers we went to a few shops and to the pasty shop to get something for lunch. As it was drizzling we took them home with us. After we had our lunch we headed to the small local library. We returned more than we took out-a rarity for us. Once home I set out making some cottage pies-one for the kids and one for us! Actually, I only put them in two separate dishes to heat as Michael was going to be home late. (No—we don’t own a microwave—I so dislike them!)

The kids’ gym class was cancelled for Wednesday so we spent the day at home. I was getting things ready for our upcoming holiday and they were drawing a massive amount of drawings for my mom and step-father. Hazel also picked a cookie recipe from her new book to do—peanut butter cookies. They turned out quite well-and she enjoyed it. The kids were overjoyed to hear last night that the tickets have been booked and my mom & step-father will be here in June. This will be his first trip out of America-I’m so honoured!!
Thursday we went clothes shopping for the three of us. I always do this moments before packing-it is surprising how little we own—especially in this day and age! Kieran really needed tons of new tops, socks and a new hat, Hazel needed a bit of everything and I needed some new tops. So Mothercare came to the rescue again for the kids. Hazel picked out a really cute hat and sundress. Everyone has commented on it to her delight! Then we spent the evening packing. Michael and I also planted all the seeds in the seed trays-hopefully we’ll see a few seedlings when we get back!

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