All seems well

Thanks for all of the well wishes, Hazel was fine all day yesterday, and as of now is fast asleep and feeling well. (Fingers crossed!) She was very excited when she woke up this morning because as she didn’t get sick during the night we could go out for the day.

One of the HE mom’s had organized a Safety Information Day and both children were looking forward to it. It wasn’t too far away, but meant an early start to be on time and to find it! It was just in another part of town from Milestones, so I knew I couldn’t get ‘lost’ but I hate trying to find new places. I was rather pleased with myself for finding it without any u-turns.
The kids were mostly excited because they knew the firemen were going to be there with the truck they bring to the schools. They went to one awhile ago at another HE mom’s house and really enjoyed it. We were early and had to wait for things to start. Most of the kids were just running around playing tag, which Hazel joined for a bit, but not Kieran. I think Kieran was a little overwhelmed at first and was a bit clingy, but once the firemen started he was fine. They did the same talk but the kids didn’t seem to mind that-or maybe the two of them didn’t notice. The kids got to use a hose and put out two fake flames with the water. They all loved that part. A couple of the boys actually set the hose on the fireman running that activity. I know it was naughty of them—but have to admit I did laugh! The fireman literally hid for a bit behind a car! Really—what do you expect when you give kids a hose and then walk in front of them! Kieran thought it was the funniest thing! (This isn’t the best photo of Hazel–just loved her wild hair!)I had a good time as well because I got to see a few people I only run into every other blue moon or so, to meet two of the newest babies and to meet some new grown-up people as well. The nice thing about living on the borders of three counties is that you can meet many people from so many different places and get invited to come to many different outings. I was very brave today and introduced myself to someone I recognised from the Early Years Blog ring-Nic, from the Monster-Teeny blog. I’ve always enjoyed her outlook/philosophy/advice she’s given on the Yahoo list-so it was very nice to meet her and her family.

We left a bit early as Hazel said she wasn’t feeling too great again, so we left fairly quickly. She seemed fine within a few minutes of getting in the car—turns out the noise was getting too much for her! Guess it was her head that wasn’t feeling too well! Oh well-they did make it for most of the day. When we got home they played out in the front for the rest of the afternoon, as we still can’t go on the new lawn out back yet. I put the car down near the end of the drive so they could scooter around. I’ve also been putting a picnic mat on the front porch and putting their indoor sandbox outside for them. So the afternoon passed quickly, I made a quick soup for dinner and they were in bed by 7:30pm. Which is where we should be going as well—but we’re about to watch Question Time first.

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