Better children-or so I thought!

Both children got through last night without any problems, waking just before 7:30am. We also had a good nights sleep, and as you know that helps immensely. We didn’t have anything planned for today except for an afternoon appointment for me with the doctor. I had at first thought we’d spend the day at home, but the sun was shining and as they seemed much better I decided on a walk.

We first did some ‘EE’ fairly early today. Kieran is just whizzing through addition facts lately. He really enjoys it. Today he declared that he only wanted to do maths from now on because he likes it too much. Can you tell whose daddy is a mathematician?? He was a little disgusted that the sheet I gave him was only adding by ones—a bit too easy!

Hazel is constantly amazing me with how she just seems to know grammatical things and spellings as if she was already taught these things. It just comes so naturally to her. She was using verbs in the correct tenses without knowing what a ‘tense’ was. She’s always had a strong vocabulary and skipped the whole baby babble and just started speaking very early. I still think some of the workbooks are a waste of time for her, but she enjoys them and it lets her hone her knowledge. She has been enjoying more informative readings—books on China and biographies of the impressionist have been her favourites lately. She does prefer real life stories and facts over fictional ones—just like TV—give her Bill Oddie or David Attenborough any day!

I have been noticing how different they do things-and how differently I’m doing things with Kieran than I did with Hazel. For one thing-this time last year Hazel was only doing things a couple of times a month—Kieran does it more often than she did. I also did more of the basic skills early on with Hazel—Kieran has skipped a bit of that and has gone on to other things. I haven’t really had Kieran doing as much writing as Hazel did-he still doesn’t know how to write all the small letters yet. Hazel was always writing and loved to practice her writing. So we’ll be working more on that with Kieran—it’s stopping him from being a little more independent with some worksheets that he easily comprehends, just doesn’t have all the physical skills to complete them.

When we were done, the sun was shining so I decided, as they seemed fine, that I’d get a few of the things I needed to get done and then we’d walk to town. We haven’t walked into the larger town before-mainly because it’s a bit of a hike and the thought of walking home again always seemed a bit too much. But today was different-Michael was meeting us at the doctors office so we’d have a ride home!

The kids were so excited—I know, it doesn’t take much to please them! We walked along the main road a bit and then joined the canal path. They thought it was so much fun-and when you see it like they do, it is! There were three men just starting to get in their kayaks when we got onto the canal path. They enjoyed seeing how they rocked the boats off the side of the bank into the water. One of the men was a beginner and it took him ages to get off the bank—I don’t think the three of us staring at him helped! We kept up with them all the way to town—we were usually in the lead which was good-because if we weren’t I think they would have made me run!

Kieran must have said hello to everyone we met. They peaked into the windows of the narrow boats that were moored along the way. Oh, the fascination when we passed the marina and they could peak through the hedge and see a worker sanding down the side of a boat. The waving and shouting hello to the couple coming along the canal on a very long narrow boat would have made you think they knew the people! When we saw a very large boat—a barge, they decided it must be a pirate-narrow-boat-ship. Who knows, it might just have been.

They also enjoyed seeing buildings on the main road from behind them. Hazel kept trying to guess what we were close to and trying to map it all out in her mind. The excitement over seeing an allotment site they never knew existed. And lo and behold-there was the park! And I was a very clever mommy for figuring it all out. Kids really do come with rose coloured glasses!

Well-it’s 10:50pm and as for thinking the kids are fine—I was wrong! Poor Hazel was just sick again. Has anyone ever had a tummy bug where you only got sick at night and functioned fine all day? Just seems odd to me. So I’m off to go have more cuddles. She’s just declared these just ‘aren’t good days’ and that she isn’t going anywhere tomorrow! It’s amazing how chatty she’s being at the moment–it’s like we’re having a little party!

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