Poorly children

Well Hazel did end up getting ill on Saturday night just at bedtime. Kieran followed suit just an hour or so later. They both seemed to settle back down quickly and they slept through the night. Unlike their parents! Michael ended up sleeping on the floor on some sofa cushions in Hazel’s room just in case she needed help and I had the wriggliest boy sharing my bed. Kieran moves non-stop, the whole time trying to cling on to me while he’s roaming the bed. They woke up on Sunday seemingly feeling fairly good.

I decided we’d have a leisurely day at home, just in case. They spent about 3 hours or so playing while we rested. Michael headed out to the market for us and I did some tidying up and started the laundry. After he got home he and the kids played chess and I did the bills. We also cooked a roast dinner in the meantime. I thought we should just have a vegetable soup, but Michael said they were fine. But as a bit of an insurance plan to not be up all evening with sick kids was that we’d eat early afternoon. Dinner was at 3pm, and they ate fairly well for ‘ill’ children.

The sun came out so we headed outside to the front porch for some air. We ended being out for over 2 hours. The kids scootered and played with their remote control cars on driveway. We then came in for bath and story time. About fifteen minutes after they went to bed, they were both ill again. It took well over an hour or so to get them both settled back down-luckily enough in their own beds. Hazel woke around 1am, but was settled back down again by 3am. Needless to say, we’re a bit on the tired side tonight.

We decided it’d be best to stay home again today. This meant we missed what would have been their first science centre workshop. They had been looking forward to going. We had some good news in that the workshop on rockets couldn’t be held due to the rain-so they will reschedule this one. I also decided that Irish dancing wasn’t going to do either of them any good.

The day passed by very quickly considering everything was cancelled and we were all a bit tired. The kids did their Sketch Tuesday submissions for tomorrow. This weeks topic was something in your closet/wardrobe.

They have really enjoyed working on these ‘assignments’, and get a kick out of seeing their work on the internet with all the other entries. We managed to get some ‘EE’ done as well—Kieran eagerly doing some more additions and Hazel learning how to use a dictionary. We also watched a small (about 10 minutes long) geography program on Kenya and a couple of kids science shows. It was the first time we tried them and both kids enjoyed both-especially the one about Kenya. I think I’ll try and follow the BBC TV schedule a bit more so they can see more of these types of shows.

As the kids were on a vegetable soup diet today (I wasn’t taking any risks today!), Michael and I had dinner after they went to bed. I had received a Red Lentil Bake recipe the other day, and had wanted to make it as soon as I got it. It was delicious, and Amanda was right-it’s good hot and cold. We’ve picked at it all evening!

The kids had a restful day and as of now-both are sleeping well, and hopefully they’ll be fine in the morning.

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