I made it, this is my 100th post! It has taken almost two years– I’m not the most prolific blogger, but I’m surprised I’ve kept it up this long.

Today started very early, as Hazel woke us just before 5am to say she wasn’t feeling very well. She said her belly felt funny, but she didn’t actually get sick. As she seemed ok we continued with the day as planned—which was a trip to the theatre to see Harry and his Bucketful of Dinosaurs. Kieran was so curious about the theatre and Hazel’s trip to see Swan Lake-that I had to find something for him to see. We haven’t seen the TV show and have only read two books, one of which was a sampler book, so we really didn’t know what to expect. As any of you who know the kids will know—this was a big step for them. They can be frightened or upset by the slightest thing-so we emphasised all week it was not real, they will be wearing dinosaur costumes, etc… It worked as they were both excited by it. Once Kieran got over the loudness of the music, they both quickly got into the shouting out answers and dancing and singing along. Kieran was extremely vocal and Hazel had a good showing as well, considering she was exhausted and not totally fit. We were in the back row (done on purpose to be as far away as possible in case someone (K) got upset!) and had this little girl in front of us. It was her vocal skills that got my two into the show—boy she was loud and very enthusiastic! They chatted with the little girl in front of us during intermission and had a good time with their glow sticks. For all my telling them that it was people in costumes, Kieran is convinced that ‘Harry’ is at least real, even if the dinosaurs were costumes. ‘Harry’ was a woman dressed like a five year old boy—neither child has twigged to that. Yes-they are naïve!! But, they are getting more adventurous!

Home for a very quiet afternoon of an early dinner and lots of reading—and we watched a Jamie Oliver show—Hazel really likes cooking shows. The kids also spent some time today sorting out the hundreds of pictures they’ve made this week for Michael’s family up north. Kieran also spent some time writing a letter to a friend of ours. She has gone back to work now that her youngest is in school full time. He feels bad for her having to do all the housework as well as working-so he’s going to go live with them when he’s older to clean and cook for her. Hope she doesn’t hold him to it!!

I’m feeling a bit old today-one of my younger brothers turned 40 today! Happy Birthday Stephen!

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