Can't say 'just' anymore

We have a way of reminiscing about almost everything in this household. Call us sappy if you must-we won’t mind! We say things like ‘Was it ‘just’ a year ago we did this or that’ all the time. Today started as a ‘just’ day. It started with Michael telling Hazel it was ‘just’ eight years ago today he and I met in person for the first time. To me that sounds too silly. We must drop the ‘just’—eight years is awhile. I know it’s sped by, but from now on we are dropping the ‘just’! So basically, eight years ago today we met for the first time in Newark airport-fell in love and things haven’t stopped for us yet. Let’s hope we can say that in another 50 years or so, though I think by then we’ll be saying things like ‘Was it really 30 years ago???’!!

Back to the past week—we picked Katelyn up last Wednesday morning. My two were very good about not mentioning the surgery and the return of the cancer to Katelyn. My cousin wanted to keep as much from the girls as possible until need be-just because they had such a fright last year after her brain haemorrhage, and ever since that they get very upset over every doctors visit. Of course this was decided after I had explained what was going on to my two. Luckily enough they understood the reasons for not talking about it and didn’t breathe a word of it.

I felt a bit bad for my cousin because when we got there, K couldn’t wait to leave! Luckily enough I had a cup of tea before the kids ushered me to the car. We headed off to Milestones-for our third visit in a month and K’s first. The kids were so cute-the three of them wouldn’t let go of the either’s hand-with K always being in the middle. My two played tour guide and lead her round the exhibits. I probably could have stayed in the café the whole time. They marched her round for over an hour explaining things to her.

After the visit we did a first for me and the kids. We went to a pub for lunch, something I would never have done before the smoking ban. It’s a very expensive lunch-but was fun for a treat. I loved the landlords face when we walked in to this weekday adult only club. The kids behaved themselves, as I knew they would-and K even ate her peas! We then headed off to do some grocery shopping. Having three helpers was fun-heaven helped me if I touched the trolley or even put anything in. K is just as bossy as my two in the shops. Then home to see what the builders had got up to for the day. After dinner Michael got the beds ready for the kids. We have a blow up bed for Katelyn which we had put in Hazel’s room last time. She was going to sleep in Kieran’s room when I thought we (meaning Michael!) could just put Kierans mattress in Hazel’s room as well and they could all have a proper sleepover–it worked well and everyone was happy. Except Hazel–she wants her mattress on the floor next time!

Most of Thursday and Friday were spent at home. Michael was painting and the builders were building and the kids were playing and I, yes, I was making tea, but for four of them instead of three!

Thursday evening was the kids Badger award evening. This meant I had to spend awhile trying to sew on the last badges they got—managed in time and they didn’t fall off! They were awarded their current certificates for their studies on the environment. When the district manager asked Kieran his name his reply was, ‘that’s easy-peasy, it’s Kieran— —.’ I so dislike that saying! Then when it was time for him to get his award, does he walk, no, my son hopped across the room! Don’t know where he gets these things from!

The older kids, the cadets, were receiving their awards that night as well, but as some were late they did the refreshments in between the group awards. We decided it would only be polite to stay after our tea and one biscuit—yes, we were only allowed one biscuit each-that’s all they had! I know what I can donate next time! Anyway—one of the cadets, Pam, who helps with the kids group used to come round here many a year ago. She was friends with our neighbours’ grand-daughter and the two used to come over and play with Hazel. Well, Pam won the Cadet of the Year award—Kieran was so excited he had to stop the proceedings to tell her congratulations. I don’t think they do many worthwhile things in group-but they do enjoy everyone’s company, so it makes it all worth while.

Friday was a day at home—with all the workmen again. It was a lovely day and the three kids were outside, in their pj’s, before I managed to get downstairs (8:30am). By that time they were a bit dirty-so no sense getting them dressed as we were going out in the afternoon and they would have just needed to change again. I don’t mind pyjama days-but they are usually inside, or at least restricted to the back garden when no one is around. And even then I usually do Hazel’s hair, but on Friday the two girls looked a bit on the wild side! Not only were the builders here, all three of the kids were in the front garden looking like a group of street urchins! One of the builders found a young slow worm and showed it to the kids. My two are used to them as we’ve always had them around the compost bins—but I was so impressed by K. She didn’t scream and even touched it. You should see here when a spider is spotted ten feet away! One of the neighbours heard the conversation and went to his compost bin and showed them a larger one.

Oh well, in the afternoon we cleaned them all up and they looked stunning when we set off for Hazel’s ballet open class. Katelyn really enjoyed it-she wants to join a ballet class. Kieran played photographer-I think he’s getting a bit hooked on the camera.

After ballet we drove to my aunts to drop K off. It’s an hour drive and I was surprised K made it awake for all but ten minutes of the drive. Hannah and Katelyn stayed there till Sunday. The surgery went well, but they had to go deeper than they thought and it took longer as there was more damage done than thought. It was dangerously close to the lungs, but they don’t think it penetrated the lungs. Chemo starts on Friday.

Saturday was a fairly busy day. Kieran had his open ballet class, and Hazel played photographer. She is realizing that you can take photos of anything, and not just people-so am looking forward to seeing the results. We can’t seem to load those photos yet.

After class we headed out of town to an ‘American’ diner. The only thing ‘American’ about it was some of the décor and some names of the dishes. We only had breakfast and it was over £23=$46, not including tip! That was for one order of pancakes for the kids to split and two full breakfasts (the kids had some of ours) and two teas! Now I compared that to the IHOP online—that would have been under $20, with tip.

In trying to keep in step with the ‘American’ theme we headed to Costco next. Can’t complain about their prices! We just really needed some paper products, so had a wander round. I like the pre-baked bread rolls from there and we can get organic canned products there now, so was worth the drive out. On the way home from there we went to a garden centre, and put three apple trees aside to be picked up next weekend. We would have looked around more, but I suddenly remembered we had frozen prawns and scallops in the car! We need to go back to the garden centre and pick out some strawberries and raspberries.

We were woken on Sunday to find it had snowed. I have to admit-I wasn’t as thrilled as I thought I’d be—
the thrill is gone. The snow came, about 3 inches. Hazel woke us with the good news just after 7am. They had breakfast and were out before 8am—they had snowball fights, made snow angels, built three small snowmen, had hot chocolate and their mittens and jeans dried a couple of times so they could go out for more. By 12pm it was almost all gone, except for the snowmen. This is why the thrill is gone—it comes in the wrong season and disappears in a flash. But the kids enjoyed it and will have wonderful memories of the snow day.
Today was a quiet day at home. The kids spent a few hours outside playing and did some math and writing exercises for the first time in weeks. Kieran did his first sheet of addition sums—he got all 25 correct with very little input from me. Hazel worked on some handwriting and her space language booklet I printed for her. She also did some double digit sums again as a bit of a refresher. On her own, she spent some time working on two books she’s been making. They are books of her drawings, to show people the variety of things she can do now. There are some really good ones and she was ever so proud of them.

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2 Responses to Can't say 'just' anymore

  1. Grit says:

    ah, those kids do look sweet! you see, when i read other peoples blogs about home ed, i think it just looks about the most wonderful and loving thing to do! and thank you for making me think that!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Thank you! I think blogs can help to remind us all why we do this–and I agreee, it is wonderful!

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