Hot 'No-Cross' Buns!

The kids woke very excitedly on Easter Sunday. They actually went downstairs on their own after a little encouragement. They (Hazel!) will not go down on Christmas morning—she’s terrified ‘He’ will still be there! When the living room door was opened they let out those little shrieks of joy, so we know it was good enough! We had hung Easter balloons around the house and I had made them each a Hama Easter Egg decoration. Of course the Easter bunny stopped by with some chocolates, a magnifying glass each, a £2 coin each, and a large set of crayons (96) for Kieran and a set of pastels for Hazel. We came down a few minutes later and told them about the hunt—which was indoors this year. They know we do this part of the treats—we tried to minimize the bunny’s time here so Hazel wouldn’t get too anxious about it—plus she knew I had the plastic eggs sent over from my friend a few years ago—Thanks Joan!

Anyway—said eggs were no where to be found, and as it was going to rain we did the hunt in the kitchen. We have a fairly large kitchen with a living area as well—so that’s where we hide the chocolate bunnies. They had five (the small ones) each to find—one of Kieran’s was quite tricky—especially as I had forgotten where I put it! Then we all had some breakfast, and as it was just 7am by then—the grown-ups went to take a nap!

After a nice brunch we started to get the hot-cross buns ready. Once the dough was rising, it was time for Hazel’s gift giving session! She has been working away in private all week—and sneaking things up to her room and stashing things in a bag—which we weren’t to touch. She made us all a necklace—and I have to say I really like mine! It has purple and pink beads—which went well with the purple top I had on. Then she wrapped (she wrapped everything in coloured paper) up some of her toys for all of us. She also made an Easter drawing for all of us as well.

After we all received our gifts we set off for the lake. We wanted to show Michael the frog spawn if it was still there. The kids were thrilled it was still there, and Michael took some photos of it for them. We then feed the ducks and walked around the lake. It was chilly, but the rain held off. It was probably the coldest it was all winter! While we were walking Hazel decided we must light the fire when we got home. Great idea! While we were drinking our tea when we got home I remembered that there might be some ice skating on. There was! We were just in time to watch the top five skaters in each group do their exhibition skate. Hazel and I watched the whole thing—and got the hot-cross buns ready. We decided that we weren’t bothered about faffing about with the cross—hence our title! Have to say they were delicious—definitely not like the ones in the shops. Don’t know which one is more traditional—but I like the home-made ones best.
Michael was in charge of cooking dinner. Being the non-traditionalists—we always do what ever we want on holidays. As Michael worked late on Shrove/Pancake Tuesday—we decided to have crepes! We had savoury ones with chicken and mushrooms in a white wine sauce for our dinner and for dessert we had some sweet ones with lemon and sugar. I usually make the batter and Michael cooks them. Out of 8 flips, I think three were done perfectly. The skills my man has are unlimited!!

The evening ended with the last episode of Lark Rise to Candleford. I really enjoyed my Sundays this winter—the BBC served me well this year. Period dramas I enjoyed while sitting by the fire. Lovely!

Today has been a fairly busy day. Michael put two coats of paint on the three door frames upstairs. They look really good—a vast improvement on what was there. I managed to get some usual housework done, had the kids tidy their rooms, rearranged the kids bookshelf, shifted some of our books and desk things out of the kitchen with Michael. After dinner I ‘supervised’ Hazel while she did some cookies. She wanted to make some more Oatmeal Raisin ones, so while I was in the kitchen this afternoon I quickly got the dough ready as it needs to chill for a few hours before baking. She did a rally good job rounding them all. There were just over 5 dozen when done. I had to remind her a few times to make them even-but other than that they all look good.

The kitchen re-arranging and the baking were all done in anticipation of tomorrow—as we are expecting the builders. Yes—we might have a lovely back garden this summer! We have been waiting a year for them to come—so hopefully this is it. Of course—we’ve come up with another job for them as well—so hopefully it’ll get started tomorrow and we should be done within a few weeks. As anyone who has been through any build knows—the next couple of weeks will be filled with the glory of tea and coffee making—and these guys drink a lot!, people walking in and out of the house, dirt, dust and mayhem—but it’ll all be so worth it! If they come and the weather holds out that is!

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2 Responses to Hot 'No-Cross' Buns!

  1. Grit says:

    wow! what an easter! now i feel really guilty. we did absolutely nothing. i scoffed some chocolate in secret, but i’m afraid to say that is not particularly an easter activity. ahem.

  2. Linda @ The Briar Patch says:

    Welcome to the Structured HE blogring. Your site is now active within the ring. :)Lxx

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