Start of the Easter Weekend

One of the nice things about Easter is not only does Michael have Good Friday off, he also gets Monday off. This means we can get lots done—or he would if his wife would let him!

Friday started off with a relaxing morning. The kids played and watched a Tractor Ted video (Highly recommend) while we had a lie in. After lazing about for a few hours we decided to get the day going. As it was almost lunch time we made a spaghetti carbonara for lunch. After that we all got busy. The kids both did some Hama beading, Lego’s, I cleaned up, chatted to my cousin, helped them Hama, and then we watched some ice skating.

We saw an hour or so of the World Championships Ladies competition in the afternoon. I was a bit surprised at first that there weren’t any American women in the top 10. Not saying they ‘should’ be there, just that they usually are. While I’m pondering this they finally say why—the American national champion is too young for the World competition. You would think they would make the Nationals the same age as the Worlds-or they aren’t in the Worlds and don’t have that practice for the Olympics. As figure skating is rarely ever on TV here it’s no wonder I don’t know anyone competing these days. This could lead to a ‘rant’ about the lack of women sports on TV here, and the complete lack of variety of sports televised. But I’ll save that for another day when it isn’t so late!

While the kids and I were watching TV and ‘Hamaing’, Michael was very busy putting an undercoat on all the wood work upstairs and the last coat of paint on all the ceilings to be done. Then he was so kind as to make a chilli for our dinner. After that the kids and I watched the pairs competition till about 8pm. I had to tape the last ten skaters for Hazel to watch another time.

Today was also supposed a busy day and Michael was supposed to do some painting. I had a bit of a ‘moment’ this morning and we decided to go out for a bit instead. We were both up late and I was just over-tired and a bit of I-don’t-know-what-to-call-it about Easter/holidays. (I’ll have to work on that for another day. Let’s just say I have dilemmas over it all.) One of the things we usually do each year beside the Easter basket is to just buy the kids some new things like toys they could use or new ‘kids’ plates—basically something we would have anyway. They had liked some toys in a toy shop I took them to ages ago, so instead of me going to get them by myself we asked if they wanted to go pick out a treat. They were very agreeable to that! I’m glad they still picked out the two toys from the previous trip.

We tried to have Hazel’s passport photo done as we were in town. To no avail—the two cameras in town were both broken—go figure! So we had a wander around the mall and then walked to the canal shop for tea & teacakes. The kids really enjoy that—especially on days like today when it’s cold (we had snow flurries!) and we could get the table right next to the fire! Then we headed to the larger library. We had a similar visit to Thursday’s—they browsed and read books and Michael & I got to look at what we wanted. Then it was time for a quick trip to the supermarket and home.

The new toys were opened within seconds of coming home. They were played with for the evening. Other than when Hazel did some more Hama beads. Once they were in bed we did a general tidy up and then prepared some fun things for the morning! Hope they like it!

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