Finally–Frog spawn!

Today had yet another early morning start. I so can’t wait for the clocks to move forward. These early mornings are going to do me in! So as I can’t beat them, I joined them and got our day started.

We had a leisurely morning. They worked on their ‘secret’ upstairs for awhile and I did the morning tidying and got some work ready for them. Though I was of two minds about doing anything this morning. I was in the mood to get things done, but the sun was shining-and that always shouts at me to get out somewhere. I checked the weather forecast and rain was predicted for the rest of the week—so a compromise. A small amount of work and then a decent walk would be the order. So after their snack they did some handwriting and maths exercises and then we got ready to head out. Just as we were leaving the mail came—the kids got a lovely Easter card—so thank you H & C!

It was sunny, dry, and a bit chilly with plenty of grey clouds floating by. We brought some wild bird feed with us and headed to the lake. Hazel had wanted to go to the bird hide, but as that is a much further walk it will be put off for another nice day when we don’t have any classes in the afternoon. On the way to the lake we spotted two deer in one of the fields. We haven’t seen them for ages, must be over 6 months since we’ve seen them. After awhile they started to run and the kids liked watching them leap through the field.

When we got to the lake I was surprised to see how swollen the lake has gotten. I know it rained over the weekend, I just didn’t think it had been that much. They’ve also felled many of the trees along the banks—gave the lake a whole different feel to it. I just hope the coming rain doesn’t cause a flood like last years. During the walk we spotted two Tufted ducks and I think some Grey Wagtails. We hadn’t seen those before, so it’s our best guess from the books. Then we went to the mini-pond and finally found what we’d been searching for—frog spawn. Hazel spotted it first, which I think was fitting as she has wanted to find some for ages. Kieran told her ‘congratulations’—I so love when they speak so lovingly like that to each other. And as usual lately—I didn’t have the camera with us. So after a few rides on the zip-wire, we walked home.

For lunch, which was latish for us at 1:30, we devoured some mini bagels and smoked salmon. Though they weren’t too full as they each followed that with one of their huge cookies they made. Afterwards I had a nice chat with a friend back home while the kids played for a bit. Then it was off to gym class. I have no idea what the badges are in gymnastics, but Hazel is just about a 3, and Kieran just passed the 4. No clue what that means or involves, but the teacher likes telling us these things and I try my best to look interested!

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