Nitrogen show

I forgot to mention Hazel’s latest tooth development. Her first permanent molar came through over the weekend. I wasn’t expecting this to happen till all her front teeth had come out. I thought I was done with Bonjela forever! I know, or should I say knew, so little about the growth progression of these secondary teeth! I had to do some reading on the subject this weekend and I am now all cued up to the general progression and will be better prepared for when Kieran is saying the back of his mouth feels a bit sore. Does anyone else give money for that pain and suffering? I thought £2 a new molar was sufficient. What do you think Michele?

Today started very early. And I mean VERY early! I heard the kids talking to each other in their rooms, but refused to open my eyes. Usually they will come in the second they get up, but occasionally if they wake at the same time they will play for a bit, so no need to open my eyes yet. The next thing I know they are on their way in to us—I look at the clock. 6:06 am. Way too early for me. Now, I am usually a very indulgent mom, but I stopped them in their tracks. Poor things! I did feel guilty for a moment, till I fell asleep again. Needless to say it only lasted a ½ hour, but I needed it. I can just about deal with the 7am wake-up pounce, but that was not happening before 6:30am!

They were up early because they were excited about an outing to Oxford. We went in to the University’s Physics Department for a show on nitrogen. There was a really good turn-out and the kids enjoyed it. It must be so hard for those lecturers to do a show like that when there is every age range from babes in arms to teenagers, never mind all the parents. The highlight had to be the ice cream he made—that must always go down well. I sat with another mom and I think we enjoyed it more than the kids. Never too old to learn!

The show was over before 11:30am so we had a wander over to the Natural History museum. We hadn’t been there for over a year, and yet again the kids demonstrated how much more they knew, how much more they wanted to know and how much they love to learn. It’s fun watching this progress in their intellectual growth. They were truly excited by different things, wanted to know the names of everything, and so excited to see things they had been exposed to only in books. When they were smaller they’d wander around happily enough but not clueing in on too much. Now, hardly anything goes unnoticed or isn’t asked about.

After we explored the museum we headed out to lunch. We found a really nice café not too far from the museum. Kieran and Hazel were taken by all the art work on the walls and showed more interest than I thought they had. The paintings were done in the cubist style with bright vivid colours—they were eye-catching. There was one painting of a woman in her kitchen with a child under her foot playing. Hazel said that the one woman in the painting looked exasperated. Wonder where she’s seen that look before? Me thinks it’s time for a trip to an art gallery or two!

We used the Park and Ride scheme today so I could get familiar with it. I haven’t taken the kids to the city on my own as I don’t like going by myself with the two of them, unless I know the routes. So now the three of us feel comfortable enough to go in again on our own. This is good as we have some tickets to see Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat in June.

When we got home we had a fairly quiet afternoon. The kids and Michael went to town to buy stamps to mail their Easter cards and to get a couple of things from the supermarket. Michael made us a roast lamb of shoulder with potato dauphinoise and green beans. He also knocked up a loaf of bread. I got on with balancing bank accounts and all that sort of fun stuff. The kids played while dinner was cooking. As the kids were very tired, they got into their pyjamas after dinner and watched a kids video from the States. I so like having the Wee Sing videos. It’s nice being able to pick and mix from two different countries.

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