Card Factory

Today turned out to be a busy, yet quite day. Irish was cancelled and Victoria didn’t come round for the day as her grandmother from France is visiting. It would have been our last day of watching her on a regular basis. Which I’ve had mixed emotions about leading up till this morning, but I have to say I didn’t miss having to be up and ready early! Though saying that, I was in the shower by 8am—but only because I wanted to. I hope I never have to go back to work—I just couldn’t do the morning rush again.

The kids were busy playing in their bedrooms right after breakfast. They are working on a surprise for Michael and I. This gave me time to do a quick tidy up and some laundry before getting some things ready for them. Last week they had started to colour some paper eggs to make Easter cards with. I gathered those together and got some card paper for them. They then came down and started to decide which ‘egg’ everyone was getting. Hazel wrote the majority of the notes, but Kieran did do some for a couple of the boys he was sending them to. It is fun seeing him trying to participate more in little projects, and not just have Hazel do it all. I did most of the gluing to help the production line along. They were really good at working on them, and did so right up till lunch time. They were still about 5 cards short. But when I sent them up to brush their teeth after lunch, they didn’t come back! They do love to play.

(At lunch Hazel wanted to know how many minutes were in a day. This led to a mini multiplications lesson. She seemed to grasp the idea—even Kieran looked like he had a clue at the end of it. Hazel worked out a few sums herself—just basic ones, but it’s a start. She did answer two questions very quickly, and took delight in surprising me with her answers. As I said to her, I wasn’t surprised she could work them out; I was just surprised how rapidly she did it.)

After they disappeared I got on with tidying up after lunch and printed off more ‘eggs’ for them to colour and some paper for Hazel to write the notes on. I wrote out everyone’s name she wanted to send them to so she didn’t need me to spell everything for her. I have to say I was mighty impressed with her handwriting—she has really improved. I then went up to do some ironing, just as they were coming down. So we parted company for just over an hour. I really thought Kieran would leave it all to Hazel, but he didn’t. He coloured two more eggs and wrote his name on all the notes when Hazel told him to. He doesn’t complain or dislike writing—he just normally takes ages to do it.

Just as I was in the mood for a tea break I had a lovely call from Katelyn, my little cousin. I chatted with her for a bit and then passed her on to Hazel. While they chatted I made my tea. The two kids took turns talking to Katelyn—it is so funny listening to kids have phone conversations. I had just finished making my tea when I got the phone back. So I had a nice cup of tea and a chat with Lorraine.

I then helped the kids finish up their cards. I was really proud of how well they made them. They did almost 20, which is good going. It’s also enough handwriting practice for Hazel for a bit!

Kieran then decided to get busy with his Lego. He built a Land Rover all on his own by following the directions. It was done perfectly. It took over two hours—I’d say he’s definitely learned to stick with a task!

Hazel decided to try and do some drawing, but wasn’t being successful at what she wanted to achieve. So I decided it was time to try a ‘how-to’ lesson. She decided to do a bird, so we found a mini-lesson on the internet that had a printable 6-step design. I printed that off and she did a fairly good robin within a few minutes. I was a bit reluctant to introduce a ‘step-by-step’ guide to drawing as I’ve liked how she’s always just done her own thing. But she was really not pleased that she couldn’t draw the sofa for a project she wanted to do. She knew there had to be a way to do it; she just didn’t know where to start. I think it was a perfect time in teaching a bit of technique. We are both going to do the ‘lessons’ we saw online together. I really can’t draw, so it’ll be something we can learn to do together.

Michael wasn’t going to be home till about 6:30pm, so Hazel had thought it’d be a good idea to have the extra strudel in the freezer for a snack when he came home. She jumped for joy when I said yes! So when he arrived we had strudel, and then the three of them went to do the evening bedtime ritual.

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