Another Lazy Sunday

I think I’m becoming addicted to lazy Sundays. Well, this winter has really encouraged them by being so grey and rainy. Michael and I managed to have a lie in till almost 11am. Yes, the kids were in to visit us early and Michael had breakfast with them, but then they let us alone for a few hours. I’m liking these Sunday mornings! Though of course we tend to start feeling a bit guilty for wasting away the day and make a mental list of 100 things to get done. Not that we pay any attention to that list once we’re dressed!

Instead, we went shopping. B & Q, the equivalent of Home Depot, are going to name our local branch after Michael—they’ve never had such a dedicated customer. I think I’ve seen more orange till receipts than any other kind. OK—so this was really a shopping spree for me, but he got a few things as well! I wanted to see what kind of outdoor plant pots they had. I’m hopefully going to get a few fruit trees, and I wanted to see what they had. I saw four I liked, so they are now ours. And the B & Q owners are laughing at us.

Home to be very productive adults, well, right after lunch and cheesy stars! Then we had to have a tea break, so not much done for awhile. Hazel decided to arrange the pots on the front patio so I can see if I like them. I did. Then they were put out back to see if we’ll like them there. We did. So she and I agreed to keep them. One will be used for a small apple tree outside her playhouse.

Then Kieran decided to stay out for awhile and we all pottered around a bit. Hazel and Michael went to Waitrose to get some milk and bread. They came home with not one, but two apple strudels. No sense freezing them both, and as dinner was two hours away we had dessert first. I don’t know who likes that more-Michael or the kids. For dinner we tried one of Jamie Oliver’s recipes we saw on TV last week. Michael went to the bookstore and wrote down the recipe. It was for roasted potatoes and red onions’ with balsamic vinegar—very nice. After dinner Michael lit the fire and the kids watched their first episode of Time Team. They were very interested, and it lead to many questions from both of them. Later on Michael & I watched Lark Rise to Candleford—it won’t be on next week, what ever will I do! I’ve really enjoyed this series.

Today was our usual day to have Victoria over. She comes in and they all scamper upstairs for a couple of hours. I rarely see her these days until snack time! Which is nice as it gives me some uninterrupted time. Enough time to book our ferry crossing and a B & B for the 1st night of our trip. It is a done deal—we will be heading for Ireland for a holiday. I’m beyond excited—I haven’t been there for 9 years. I’ve always loved being there. We’ll be staying in a nice (hopefully) cottage near Kilkenny, so that we can explore the coast, Wicklow, Dublin and a few other towns on the east coast.

Other than that the kids had Irish dancing today, and are both doing well. I think Kieran has amazed the teacher with how well he does his hop threes. He doesn’t even walk anymore—he just hops. He has wonderful position and she had everyone watch him today. Hazel demonstrated proper foot postures and how to do a few steps and poses properly up on her toes. So well done to both today.

Home to a vegetable soup I made before we left. Michael did bedtime with the kids while I tidied up a bit, did the dishes and baked banana bread. Speaking of which, it should be ready to be sampled now!

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