Cheesy Stars

Yesterday was an errand day. The kids did some of their work early while I took a shower and got ready. I had an appointment before lunch with the hygienist–I need/like to have my teeth cleaned every three months. As it isn’t far from Michael’s office we brought him his glasses en-route. He forgot his in the morning, and his spare pair for the office is still in his travel bag. While we were there we talked him into going out to lunch when we were done. Obviously that wasn’t too hard.
I haven’t been going to this dentist for too long. Michael has been using them for years, but I just started just over a year ago. It was just easier my first year here to use a local dentist, that way I could get there on my own before I could drive here. When we decided to start the kids on a 6 month basis and looked at the prices, his dentist is much cheaper and we can all get appointments together which makes it easier in theory. The plus side is I can see the hygienist every three months without seeing the dentist prior. The other dentist would make me see her first each time, and then have my teeth cleaned—very expensive. Anyway—the receptionist is a no-nonsense women so I was wondering how she was going to react when I left the kids in the lobby. Most receptionists’ hackles rise when you leave the kids. Well, she wasn’t there and the dental assistant was manning the desk. When I was done and came back to the lobby she was raving about the kids. She was so surprised at how well behaved and quiet they were. I had no doubt that would be the case-but it is always nice to hear. Though, I think it is a tad sad that that is considered the ‘unusual’ behaviour these days. The only bad bit was, it was a relief hygienist and she was so rough. I’ve had my teeth cleaned by countless hygienists over the years— never before had I been in pain during and after. She won’t be doing my teeth again.

After the visit we went back and picked Michael up. There is only one small café near his office so we went there for lunch. It was a nice enough little place and we all enjoyed the lunch at a very leisurely pace. We haven’t had lunch together during work hours in ages. The kids and I used to go about twice a month when they were a bit younger. I used to pack a picnic lunch and we’d all go to one of the local parks. We’ll have to do that a bit more often when the weather is nicer.

Then we came home for a bit to do a few things before heading out to town. We mailed some things and picked up an application form to renew Hazel’s passport. Out of 7 passports here, only two can be renewed the same month/year. She is quite worried it won’t get done before our holiday! We then went and bought them two new lined notebooks for their nature walks. Hazel has a sketch book, but wanted a lined one as well. She is going to bring them on her walks from now on. No stop in town would be complete without going to Waitrose for a few necessities. At least the kids think hot-cross buns are necessities this time of the year!

Home again to have a snack and get Hazel ready for ballet. Michael came home and took the two of them out. He and Kieran had their hair cuts while she was in class. I can’t stand when Kieran has his hair cut—he always looks so much older! While they were out I made a start on a chicken stock I meant to make all week. Dinner consisted of hot-cross buns and cereal for the kids. Healthy, huh??? Later on Michael made the two of us Welsh rarebit for the 1st time. It was ok—but I think we need a different recipe to try, as we weren’t too sure what it was supposed to be like.

Today had the usual start of Kieran’s ballet. Michael and Hazel brought him and got a few things while in town. We had brunch when they came back. Then Michael started working on the stairwell again. He managed to finish all the sanding and put a primer on all the woodwork today—yeah!

While he was busy, the three of us just veged out most of the day. Well—Kieran was extremely busy all day with his Lego’s. He is getting really good at following the designs and just making some cars by just looking at the photo.

Hazel wanted to bake some cheesy stars last weekend, but other things took over so I let her have a go today. The only thing I helped with was a bit of rolling out and dealing with things in and out of the oven. The first batch was almost completely devoured. I think in the end we all had about 4 each—which proves how yummy they were! She did a great job with reading the recipe, getting all the necessary items and all the measuring. She has such a light touch for making the pastry, and really enjoys the whole process. Kieran was given permission to grease the trays for her.

While she was putting the glazing and cheese on top of the stars she told me that this was our own private thing. I asked her what she meant, and she said she liked when the boys were busy and just the two of us did things. I knew that is how she felt, just didn’t think she’d put it into words.
After I cleaned up from the baking she and I played Pop to the Shops for the first time. She did really well with counting the money up, just had some problems when she needed to give me change. Kieran watched for a bit and I think he’s just about as ready to add up as she is. I guess he’ll join in next time, especially as it is a game that will be more fun with 3 or 4 people.

I spent a good part of the afternoon booking tickets for some shows. There is a music festival in town every year, and this will be our first year going to the concerts. The kids are old enough now so I booked a few things to give them a taste of the different types of concerts. They will see three, possibly 4 concerts, a parade and an old fashioned circus. Kieran has never seen a live clown—but once saw one on a kid’s show who threw water at a person in the audience. He has been terrified of clowns since that show and will only go if they don’t come near him.

After dinner we watched an old episode of Coast together. We really enjoyed the series when it first aired, and are really enjoying watching it with the kids. They have always been very limited in what they will watch—the slightest thing can send my two running from a TV. (Yes—we limited TV viewing time and content—but they’ve limited their choices beyond by comprehension. An episode of Balamory sent Hazel screaming once—took months to get her to watch anything again. You should have seen the fright Kieran had the first time he laid eyes on Thomas the Tank Engine—when that train spoke—Kieran freaked out. He still won’t watch it.) It is great to see them trying more things and expanding the types of shows we can watch as a family. Hazel is still braving her self to watch a DVD she got for Christmas—March of the Penguins.

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