Off to Badgers

The kids could finally both go to Badgers tonight wearing their shirts and jumpers. It has taken 7 months for Kieran’s jumper to arrive. They only have to wear them on the 1st session of a new term and the 1st session of each month. Kieran thinks he looks like a policeman in his.

Michael took Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday off to do some work around the house. The 70 year old paint from the skirting boards in the stairwell has been stripped. Progress! He even managed to sand down the three door frames upstairs and the loft hatch. After he sands the stairwell skirting boards, we can paint and then order the carpet installation. Finally—a light at the end of the tunnel. We celebrated by taking the kids to Pizza Hut after gymnastics. We all enjoyed the meal out.

We’ve also been working on booking a holiday—we have it almost narrowed down! We have ruled out the Med, France, Spain, Italy, the Lakes and Scotland—and are working on another country. (Not saying where yet–knowing us it may change still!) We are almost agreed on where in that country to go—it has only taken us about two months, countless hours on the computer, many travel and guide books from the library and one argument! (A slight miscommunication—I communicated, he missed it.) And we wonder why it takes us forever to get things done!

Other than that it has been a fairly quiet week so far. Hazel and Kieran played for most of the day, did some work with me and then worked on a surprise upstairs. They have ‘screened’ off most of the spare room upstairs in anticipation of showing us and their grandparents something. The grandparents won’t be here for over a week. I promise you, they can both read a calendar—but have no idea of how to control their excitement!

I spent a good portion of the day on the computer and making a baked ziti. I was on the computer checking out what to buy with some of my Tesco vouchers –I think the deals are rather good. To make Michael the kids happy, we will be getting Legoland passes—so if anyone is going—let me know! The passes for the year would have been over £250—but were free with the vouchers. Not bad!

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